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How to Make Bubblegum

We will be exploring the art of bubblegum making

Francesca Lombardi

on 5 January 2011

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Transcript of How to Make Bubblegum

How to Make Bubblegum Ingredients Gum Base Corn Syrup Flavoring Sweetener Gum Base makes it strechy Vegetable Oil Corn Syrup make the gum fresh and flexible Sweetener make the gum sweet Vegtable oil keeps the ingedients blended and retaining oil Flavoring gives the gum Flavor Manufacturing They first mix all of the ingredidents togther Then they rollthem into long strips They are then cooled down in a giant freezer Then cut into bite size pieces They are then wrapped into pacages They are then sold in stores They are taken out of the mixer when gum is the consistency of bread dough
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