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The Rhodes Colossus

No description

Lalo Vázquez

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of The Rhodes Colossus

The Rhodes Colossus:

Striding from Cape Town to Cairo

When and where was it published?
This political cartoon was drawn by Edward Linley Sambourne and was published in the 10 December 1892 edition of Punch magazine, appearing beside an article from The Times about a Rhodes plan to extend an electrical telegraph line from Cape Town to Cairo.
How does the title clarifies the purpose or understanding of the political cartoon?

The titles says “striding from Cape Town to Cairo” and this says clearly that they are trying to reach in simple steps a purpose (the telegraph implementation) that will reach whole Africa.
Why might the author have chosen the words he did?
What is being depicted in this political cartoon?
In the image we can see Sir Cecil John Rhodes in a similar position as the ancient Greek statue, the Colossus of Rhodes. He has a hat in one hand, a gun in the belt and he is holding a cable that is tied from the city of Cape Town to the city of Cairo.
What is the artist's viewpoint?
That England was extremely powerful and that it was oppressing this country by their own impositions and rules. rhe author put England as a more superior country than Africa because of the size of Rhodes over Africa.
What evidence from the political cartoon support your claims?
The image, the cartoon represented the actions of England; also the title and the historical events that later ocurred as the Boer War and the foundation of the Diamond company.
What impact might this have
on its perspective or bias?
Because of the famous Greek statue, that means enormous and he is using it represent the power that England as an imperialist nation has, as great empire as the Greek Titan Helios .
Because Rhodes intended to do this process of communication in Africa very quickly, in a simple way but in a single big step.
Cape Town and Cairo
Because the telegraph will travel from Cape Town, that was already controlled by the British, to Cairo, the international port that was becoming really important. In geographical words from coast to coast of Africa.
The perspective of the British may have changed because now the world seem them as a very powerful country, it was growing and growing and itt had the capacity of managing many of their conquered colonies as Africa.
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