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Flower of the Day

No description

Fany Sand

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Flower of the Day

Estephanie Sandoval, P.5 Flower of the Day Aconitum Scientific name: napellus
Common name: Monkshood
Family name: Ranunculaceae, Buttecup family
Available: April-October
Color: Blue
Design Applications: Medium, line flower
Longevity: 7-10 days Scientific name: Affine
Common name: Exacum
Family name: Gentianacea
Available: year-round ( indoor plant)
Color: lavender, pink, and white
Design: Small mass Exacum Scientific name: sp.
Common name: Curcuma, Hidden Lily
Family name: Zingiberaceae, the Ginger family
Available: Year-round
Color: Pink, yellow
Design: small, form flower
Longevity: 5-10 days Curcuma Scientific name: Persicum cultivar
Common name:Florist's Cyclamen
Family name: Primulaceae, the Primose family
Availability: Indoor plant available year-round
Color: White, red, salmon, lavender, and pinks
Design: Small, form flower
Longevity: 2-3 days as a cut flower, and weeks as a blooming plant Cyclamen Scientific name: Sphaerocephalon
common name: Drumstick Allium
Family name: Amaryllidaceae, the Amaryllis family
Color: Light purple
Design: Small, form flower
Available: April-September
longevity: 5-7 days Allium #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 Cynara Scientific name: Scolymus
Common Name: Globe Artichoke
Family Name: Asteraceae, the Composite or Sunflower family
Available: July-October
Color: Lavender/Purple
Design: Large, form and mass flower
Longevity: 7-10 days Heliconia Scientific name: Psittacrum Cultivar
Common name: Parakeet
Family name: Heliconiacea, the heliconia family
Available: Year-round
Color: Pink, orange, and yellow
Design: small, form flower
Longevity: 10-14 days #7 Iris Scientific name: many hybrids and cultivars
Common name: Bearded Iris, Flag
Family Name: Iridaceae, the Iris family
Available: Typically not available as a cut flower
Color: Blue, lavender, yellow, white, peach, and bi-colors
Design: large, form flower
Longevity: 2-3 days for each floret #8 #9 Viburnum Scientific name: Carlesii
Common name:Koreanspice Viburnum
Family name: caprifoliaceae, the Honeysucckle family
Available: Not available commercially as a cut flower
Color: White
Design: medium, mass flower
Longevity: 2-5 days #10 Globba Scientific name: Winnitii
Common name: Globba
Family name; Zingiberaceae, the Ginger family
Available: varies year-round
Color: Pink
Design: Medium, form flower
Longevity: Varies #11 Leonotis Scientific name: Leonurus
Common name: Lion's -Ear
Family name: Lamiaceae, the Mint family
Available: September-October
Color: Orange
Design: Medium, filler flower
Longevity: Varies #12 Fagus Scientific name: Sylvatica
Common name: European Beech
Family name: Fagaceae, the Beech family
Available: August-November
Color: Orange, Burgundy, Rust, Teal, and Wine
Design: Large, mass
Logevity: long lasting #13 Crocosmia Scientific Name: X Crocosmiiflora
Common Name: Montbertia
Family: Iridaceae
Available: June-October
Color: Orange
Design: Small, Line and Form Flower
Longevity; 7-14 days #14 Impatiens Scienitific name: Wallerana
Common Name: Rose Impatiens
Family Name: The Balsam Family
Availability: Varies
Color: Pink, orange, lavender, white, and red-white bicolor
Design: Medium, accent flower
Longevity: Varies #15 Sinningia Scientific Name: spp.
Common name: Gloxinia
Family Name: Gesneriaceae , The Gesneria Family
Available: Year-round
Color: Red, purple, lavender, pink, white, and bicolors
Design: Large, accent
Longevity: Varies #16 Stachys Scientific Name: Byzantina
Common Name: Lamb's Ear
Family Name: Lamiaceae, the Mint family
Available: Varies May-July
Color: Lavender/Pink
Design: Medium, Line flower
Longevity: Varies #17 Zingiber Scientific Name: Sp.
Common Name: Shampoo Ginger
Family Name: Zingiberaceae, the Ginger family
Available: June-September
Color: Yellow
Design: Medium, form flower
Longevity: 7-10 days #18 Heliotropium Scientific Name: Arborescens cultivar
Common Name: Heliotrope
Family Name: Boraginaceae, the Borage family
Available: Varies
Color: White, purple, blue, and violet
Design: Medium, Filler Flower
Longevity: 4-6 days #19 Eustoma Scientific Name: Grandiflorum 'Picotee Pink'
Common Name: Lisianthus
Family Name: Gentianaceae, the Gentian family
Available: Year-round
Color: White, pink, purple, and bicolors
Design: medium form flower
Longevity: 7-14 days. #20 Boronia Scientific name: Heterophylla
Common name: Boronia
Family Name: Rutaceae, the Rue family
Available: January-May
Color: Hot Pink
Design: Small, Filler Flower
Longevity: 5-7 days #21 Narcissus Scientific Name: "Tete-a-Tete'
Common Name: 'Tete-a-Tete'
Family Name: Amaryllidaceae
Available: January-April
Color: Yellow
Design: Small, Filler Flower
Longevity:3-4 days as a cut flower;1-2weeks as a potted plant #22 Tanacetum Scientific Name: Spp
Common Name: Feverfew
Family name: Asteraceae, the Composite family
Available: year-round
Color: White
Design: Small, Filler Flower
Longevity: 7-10 days #23 #24 Kniphofia Scientific Name: Uvaria hybrid
Common Name: Red-Hot-Pepper
Family Name: Liliaceae, the Lily family
Available: June-October
Color: Red, yellow, and orange combinations
Design: Medium, line flower
Longevity: 7-10 days Kalanchoe Scientific name: Blossfeldiana
Common Nmae: Kalanchoe
Family Name: Crassulaceae
Available: Year-Round
Color: Red, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Salmon, and White
Design: Small, Filler flower
Lognevity: 3-4 days as a cut flower #25 Serruria Scientific Name: Florida
Common Name: Serruria, Blushing Bride
Family Name: the Protea family
Available: Varies June-July
Colors: Pink/ Salmon
Design: Small, filler flower
Longevity:6-10 days Estephanie #26 Leptospermum Scientific Name: Scoparium
Common Name: Leptospermum
Family Name: The Myrtle family
Available: January-April
Color: pink, crimson, and white
Design: Medium, filler flower
Longevity: 7-10 days #27 Lathyrus Scientific Name: Odoratus
Common Name: Sweet Pea
Family Name: Fabaceae
Available: February-September
Color: Pink, blue, lavender, red, white, and bicolors
Design: Small, filler flower
Vase Life:3 -7 days #28 Rosa Scientific Name: Floribunda
Common Name: Rose Hips
Family Name: Rosaceae
Available: September-November
Color: Orange to red shades
Design: Small, color
Vase Life: 1-2 weeks #29 Chaenomeles Species name: sp.
Common Name: Flowering Quince
Family Name: Rosaceae, the Rose family
Available: Limited commercial availability
Color: Orange, apricot, red, pink, and white
Design: Small, Line Flower
Vase Life: Varies #30 Erica Species Name: Sp.
Common Name: Heather
Family Name: Ericaceae, the Heath Family
Available: November-April
Color: Pink
design: small, Filler flower
Vase Life: 1-2 weeks #31 Matthiola Species Name: Incana Cultivar
Common Name: Stock, Gillyflower
Family Name: Brassicaceae, the Mustard family
Available: January-October
Color: white, yellowish-cream, lavender, purple, burgundy-wine
Design: Medium, line flower
Longevity: 4-7 days #32 Nigella Species Name: Damascena Cultivar
Common Name: Love-in-a-Mist
Family Name: Ranunculaceae
Available: June-September
Color: Blule, pink, and white
Design: Small, filler flower
Vase Life: 5-7 days #33 Oncidium Species Name: sp.
Common Name: Oncidium, Dancing Lady Orchid
Family Name: orchidaceae
Available: Year-round
Color: yellow
Design: Medium-large, line flower
Vase Life #34 Ixia Species Name: Sp.
Common Name: Ixia, Corn Lily
Family name: Iridaceae, the Iris family
Available: March-August
Color: Pink, orange, yellow, red, and cream
Design: Small, line flower
Vase Life: 5-10 days
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