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No description

victor ramirez

on 16 May 2016

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Transcript of SPAIN

Fly into Madrid during the spring time, because the weather is not to hot or cold there at that time.
When I land
Flight would take 10hrs.
Go check into the hotel
Cost of hotel: $31 a night
Change my money into euros.
currency change: $1 = .80 in euros
Go to a soccer game for $20 at Santiago Bernabeu stadium
After the soccer game I would go to a restaurant to try out and compare their food to mexican food. Cost: $60
Day 3-5
Rent a motorcycle and ride it to the small town of Guadalajara. cost of gas: $4.55 a gallon
Watch a bull fight in Guadalajara for $18.
The next day I'd celebrate with a Spaniard festival
After that I will find somewhere to stay for 2 days and continue my journey to Barcelona.

Day 6-9
Heading out from Guadalajara Spain I would head to national park Alto Tajo.
There I would adventure out into the woods.
Cost of enter to the park : free
There's a camp site near the park too where I can stay for 3 days
Hike the tallest mountain there
Spend a night in the woods
Day 10-13
Head to Poligono Spain after the national park.
its a 4 hour drive to the beach.
when i get there i would like to go to the beach for the entire day and learn how to surf. cost: $400
Go scuba diving. cost:$200
Day 14-15
On day 14 I'd ride to Cami del Collect
Cami del Collect is 55 mins from Polingo
There at Cami del Collect I'd like to walk around and feel their desert environment.
Id like to also visit their beaches, chill, eat and enjoy the sun.
I'd rent a beach side hotel for 2 days to view the beach. Cost: $215
Day 16-18
From the beach in Cami del Collect I will travel 6hrs to Els Ports national park
There I can rock climb and hike my way up mountains. Cost: $20
I'd try sleeping in the woods if I don't get caught.
Day 19
After the national park I'd take a 2hr drive down to the town of Reus
In Reus I would only walk around the small town and go sight seeing.
what to see: the churches, the amazing restaurants, and just the town itself.
I'd rent a small apartment and stay 2days
Barcelona is the capital city of Spain, and 1.6 million people live there.
Barcelona is pretty.
Barcelona has lots of color.
cost: $100
Day 22
2nd day in Barcelona I'd go to the Mediterranean sea.
Go watch another soccer game. Cost: $40
go to the beach again at night and have a Bon fire.
Day 23
Day 24
Things to look out for
Lots of pickpockets happen in Spain
Avoid big crowds
Avoid running into people as well
other than that Spain is pretty normal and doesn't have a lot of crime.
Third day in Barcelona id go walking into the artsy side of Barcelona and go see what kind of art they're into.
By doing this I'd learn about the history of Barcelona and Spain.
id finish off the day at a nice restaurant. cost :$120
Rent a boat and go fishing. cost: $90
I'd stay in the woods for 2 days.
The night I leave for Colorado.
I'll get on my plane at 3 am.
Eat at one more nice restaurant before I head back.
Cost: $60
Video of Barcelona
Home Sweet Home
What I'll need to know & language
Spain requires a passport which is a cost of $110 to buy.
The people speak mainly Spanish
Bring a spanish dictionary for backup
Churros con chocolate
Tortilla espanol
Total cost
Plane ticket(s)- 900 each way, adding to 1,800$
Total daily activities- 1,843.55

Overall price- 3,643.55$
Map of Spain
Do's and Don'ts & the people of Spain
- Make sure you leave your valuables at your hotel to avoid pickpocketing
- Try to shake hands with everyone an be friendly.

- Don't go to Starbucks, the coffee somewhere else is much cheaper and better

- Don't eat with your hands. Not even fruit.

The people of Spain are very culturally rich and many are very friendly.

Work cited/sources
1) www.everyculture.com/Sa-Th/Spain.html

2) www.lonelyplanet

3) www.expedia.com

4) www.spain.info
How I'm getting around
Cars and motorcycles are always a way of transportation around town.
Reus is small and very old. Reus is in the mountains.
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