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Gear and Learning in Austin, TX

How technology gives me hope for humanity and other cool stuff from SxSW 2012

Rick Rezinas

on 28 March 2012

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Transcript of Gear and Learning in Austin, TX

If the news is important it will find me The future is not something to be predicted, it is something to be achieved. Rethinking Civilization for the Social Age - Don Tapscott Institutions are failing at enacting global change who is accountable?
who determines policy? rebuild institutions around a new communications paradigm When the printing press arrived, we saw institutions stalling and failing knowledge became distributed. Where it had been locked up in churches and upper class, information became acessible The Age of Networked Intelligence Industrial Age Agrarian Age 5 principles of the age of networked intelligence collaboration
integrity Pervasive Ambient Computing A ubiquitous, global, computational platform Peers are coming together to become firms self organization traditional Value creation physical/financial knowledge Critical Resources industrial age extended enterprise business webs mass collaboration The revolution will not be Tweeted - Gladwell social sites lower the barriers of participation The boundaries of corporations are becoming more porous Are you on a burning platform?* * the cost of staying the same is greater than the cost of changing Gameify and Socialize Bing Gordon w/ Brad Stone The most powerful aspect of gaming is not competition - It's cooperation check adjust
frag plot Lean
Gamer "Gamers believe in continuous improvement" Three wise Bing statements:
People are more productive with overlapping skills
Optimism enhances creativity
We are moving to an age of learning by doing What is right about Zynga?
Click Zen*
Success with a feeling of challenge *the higher state you achieve through constant clicking Using data to engage new fans BIG DATA Hear it enough and you start to think it might mean something What is 5 exobytes?
37,000 Libraries of Congress
The sum of information up to 2003
2 days of information between 2003 and 2010
10 minutes of information in 2013 In 15 years, a $1000 computer will have the computing capacity of the human brain. 15 years after that -- the capacity of all human brains. Massive Data + Ambient Computing + Networked Intelligence = but probably more like this He's come a long way! Steve Mann So where does that leave us? The future is bright
Always connected
Tools getting out of our way
What happens to privacy?
What are people going to do?
Trophies are powerful for engaging Gear and Learning in Austin, TX: Abundance Peter Diamandis Anthropological perspective on
Amber Case Future of Space Exploration Richard Garriott And I got to hang with a childhood hero... Rick Rezinas
rick@beerdrinker.org How technology gives me hope for humanity, and other cool stuff from SxSW 2012 cyborg + gaming
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