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Human Zoo

No description

Maisie Nash-Lewis

on 23 May 2011

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Transcript of Human Zoo

Human Zoo Term 2 We worked in groups and came up with questions to answer We then divided them into categories... Easy to answer and Hard to answer Each night for homework we took home some easy to answer questions Here are some statements that we came up with The Zoo used to be in Onhunga
People complained about the noise so it moved to Western Springs The Siamang Gibbon Monkeys howl to protect their territrory Flamingos are pink because of the food they eat Flamingos stand on one leg because...
-They look like trees when hunting
-It stops their feet form pruning up Bats sleep upside down because their feet arent suitable for sleeping on the ground Penguins have black on their backs so they blend in with the water so predators cant see them Tarantulas are nocturnal animals Other nocturnal animals in the zoo are
-Tuatara The stripes on zebras are for camoflague and to confuse predators We also made connections between us as humans and the zoo Flamingos are pink because of what they eat 'We are what we eat' Rhinos roll in the mud to stop from getting sunburnt We use sunblock to keep from getting sunburnt THANKS FOR WATCHING
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