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Nauru- Mango Papaya Sherbet

No description

Brittany Shaw

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Nauru- Mango Papaya Sherbet

Required documents for visa application: What Americans have to
do to go to Nauru: Where do you stay? There are two hotels. One is government owned and one is family owned. There are also two other accommodation options that are privately owned. Some food customs: Almost all food is imported, with the exception of fish caught by Kiribati fishermen. Nauru provided pandanus and fish in premining times, and these were eaten with coconut meat. In times of drought, food shortages could last for two or more years. As a result of mining revenues, the people have a variety of supermarket foods, from turkey to milk. Rice is the basic food, and fish with rice is the ideal meal. This diet is said to contribute to a high rate of obesity, which often leads to diabetes. Mango Papaya Sherbet Nauru Mango Papaya Sherbet Recipe: Ingredients: -3/4 cup ripe papaya pulp
-3/4 cup mango pulp
-3 Tbsp. fresh lemon juice
-1/2 cup orange juice
-1-1/2 cups milk
-1 cup sugar What to do: 1)Press papaya and mango through a coarse sieve or colander.
2) Add lemon and orange juice.
3)Disolve sugar in milk and add gradually to the fruit mixture.
4)Pour into pan and freeze, stirring every half-hour, or used an ice cream maker and follow manufacturer directions. You need a scanned copy of your passport and details page. A visa application form will be issued by the Immigration office, it will then be completed by the applicant and endorsed by the appropriate officials for submission with the scanned passport page. 200 Australian Dollars is the standard for a media visa. Payable upon collection of passport. Nauru is an island country in the Pacific Ocean between New Guinea and the Gilbert Islands, about 30 miles south of the Equator. The island is oval and has an area of 13 square miles, which makes it the smallest island country. Nauru: Nauru Symbol: The frigate bird is a major symbol; It is found on the fin of Air Nauru planes and appears as the official logo. The crest consists of two palm trees encircling an orb that includes a Christian cross above a resting frigate bird and a flower. Above the orb is a twelve-pointed star representing the twelve tribes of Nauru. Beneath the orb are the words "God's Will First," indicating the Christian basis of the community's way of life. Phosphate has become another symbol, forming the basis of the nation's wealth. The Nauruan Flag: The Nauru Flag is very simple and plain, with the colors Navy Blue, Yellow and White. Each of the colors has significance. The navy Blue represents the ocean around Nauru. The yellow line in the middle represents the Equator because Nauru is right next to the Equator and that's why Nauru is very hot. The white 12 pointed star stands for the 12 tribes of the People of Nauru. A coral reef surrounds the entire island which is dotted with pinnacles. There are approximately 10,000 people in Nauru Some places to see: Anibare Bay: Anibare Harbour: Japanese pillbox in Anibare: Phosphate Mines: The End! Parliament House: Buada Lagoon: Some Things to Do: 1) Deep Sea Game Fishing 2) Swimming 3) Scuba Diving 4) Shopping 5) Entertainment Nauru Etiquette: Nauru is a Christian country so a prayer opens most gatherings. Children are expected to honor and respect their elders. Mothers are particularly honored. Dress is usually European. Many elements of Australian etiquette are followed as public practice. Nauru is also one of the most beautiful island in the South Pacific! Air Nauru, now known as Our Airline, operates out of Brisbane. The Airline flies from Brisbane to Honiara to Nauru and then to Tarawa and to Nadi, every Sunday and Monday. Every Wednesday it flies to Nadi to Tarawa to Nauru and then to Brisbane. How to get there: The Nauru airport is in Yaren, next to the Parliament House, the police station and the administration offices. The Menen hotel costs AUD$85 and goes up to AUD$230. Prices vary on room type and size A flight will usually cost AUD$1500
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