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a presentation on danisnotonfire

No description

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of a presentation on danisnotonfire

some british kid who happens to be an INTERNET CULT LEADER.
Phil is not on Fire and Amazing Dan
here are some of dan's hilarious moments via twitter
~*~*~* Dan Howell *~*~*~
Dan Howell is a young, creative,
hilarious Youtuber.
He is known for his funny, good (sometimes bad), introverted
He has garnered over two
million subscribers over the past four years of his Youtube career.
Dan's YouTube career started in 2009.
His first video was "HELLO INTERNET." and it was filmed in his dorm room at
Dan was a long-time YouTube viewer and he was encouraged by his friends to finally upload a video. One of those friends is Phil Lester, who is also a YouTuber. He is known as AmazingPhil, and he and Dan still create videos together.
Dan dropped out of university after one year and went on to move in with Phil at their current apartment.
Dan is also part of the Fantastic Foursome, which consists of him, Phil, Chris (crabstickz) and PJ (kickthepj). The last video the Foursome has uploaded was a little bit less than a year ago.
Dan and Phil are still the best of friends and at least every year, they do something for their fans, which is called "Phil is not on Fire" and "Amazing Dan". In many cases, they draw cat whiskers on their faces and answer questions. Other than this, they appear in each other's videos every once in a while.
Dan and his work
Dan's videos rarely have a routine schedule. Dan is a huge procrastinator. But, he never ceases to fail to make his viewers laugh with his incredible sense of humor.
The videos have over a million views each. He may not be the most popular Youtuber, but he has the best type of humor.
Just recently, Dan and Phil have gotten their own radio show on BBC Radio 1 in London. Dan and Phil have been on it for about a year or so. It originally started as being guest hosts for holidays, but they were asked to have their own permanent show.
They host many giveaways on there and the radio shows are always full of fun. It was shocking to both Dan and Phil, and they took the opportunity right away.
Dan Howell in a nutshell
'Phan' is the name of a BROTP between Dan and Phil.
A BROTP is a bromance between two or more guys. It's a spin-off of the phrase "OTP", which stands for "one true pairing". However, some people ship Phan as an OTP, and this rustles some people's jimmies (gets people angry).
What basically happens.
(phil is not on fire)
some cool facts yeah
- Dan's dad used to work in films and accordingly, Dan got to meet Johnny Depp when he was a kid whenever his dad sneaked him backstage.
- He was elected as the Hottest Lad of 2012 by Sugarscape.
-He loves the band Muse.
-He interviewed Fall Out Boy and tried to keep in his "inner fangirl".
Some of his videos.
yeah thanks for watching
stay swaggie everyone
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