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1967 - The Outsiders

What was going in the world of 1967. The year "The Outsiders" came out.

Beth Reach

on 6 February 2017

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Transcript of 1967 - The Outsiders

What was going on in 1960's?
The Beatles
The Supremes
Cost of Living
Gas per Gallon 33 cents
Average Income per year $7,300.00
Movie Ticket$1.25
Average Cost of a new car $2,750.00
Vietnam war
Tulsa, OK
Population in 1967 300,000
Toys that were
popular in
the 60's

Objective: Compare and contrast life in the 1960's to life today
Agenda: Go over Prezi and take notes

Write a paper comparing what life was like in the 60's to what life is like today. Use details from your notes that you took during the Prezi. You should have at least 6 differences and 3 similarities.
1st paragraph- Life in the 60's
2nd paragraph - Life today
3rd paragraph - What are some similarities?

Greasers - wild kids, greased back hair.
Socs- Short for Socials. Rich kids
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