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Plant Tropisms

OCR Human Biology, plant tropisms and hormones introduction

Tre Briercliffe

on 18 May 2015

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Transcript of Plant Tropisms

Extension: How might they respond to each stimulus?
What type of stimulus do you think plants might respond to?
Plant Tropisms
directional growth response determined by an external stimulus
response to other structures
response to light
response to chemicals
response to gravity
Plant Tropisms
Exam Question
If the stimulus is here - how is the seedling responding?
If the stimulus is here - how is the seedling responding?
Negative Tropism
Positive Tropism
List three stimuli that a plant responds to (3)
Plants must respond to changes in both their external and internal environments.
PlaNT Hormones
what is target tissue?
what is a hormone?
Plant growth regulators
How do you think Hormones move around a plant?
mass flow
active transport
PlaNT Hormones
Acscisic Acid
promote cell elongation, inhibit side shoots and leaf loss
promotes fruit ripening
inhibit germination and growth, closes stomata
promote stem growth and seed germination
promote cell division
why wouldn't you store bananas with other fruit?
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