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No description

Edison Student

on 13 April 2011

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Transcript of P7 MA

R.E.C.I.P.E Crusades Muslims agaist christans They had a huge influence with christians The Europeans captured Jeruslam. It is a series of wars. A spread of ideas and technology. The thought that crusades were all bad. They also captured people. Feudalism They had a holy war. The king gave fliefs money. Having fliefs made you a nobleman. Vassels were someone to protect the king. A knight was a speacially trained warrior. Land was the most valuable thing to them. If you were a thief, someone was probably a thief in your family. A serf was a peasent. Serfs were responsible for getting everything for the kingodm.( ex: food, clothes,etc.) Magna Carta It means great paper. They signed in 1215. Barons ruled parts of the kingdom. It started in U.K. He became unpopular. A baron is a wealthy landowner. Black Death Pademic killed a lot of people. It started in China and speard rapidly. They did bloodleting, leting the blood run out of you for the diesease to get out of you. So many people died, barely anyone was there. Middle Age's By: Mikayla Olson one of the things that spread it rapidly was rats.
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