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Criminal Psychology

Class note presentation

Randy Hubbard

on 3 January 2012

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Transcript of Criminal Psychology

Criminal Psychology
The science of understanding
human behavior and its relationship to crime and the
people that commit them.
Criminal profiling:
The process of interviewing, researching, and studying the behaviors, habits, victims, crime scenes, and backgrounds of people that commit crimes.
The process of interviewing criminals and studying their behaviors, habits, backgrounds, vicitims, and crime scenes to determine the factors that cause these individuals to commit these crimes.
The data from these studies has given the authorities the ability to determine what type of individual would commit particular types of crimes based on evidence left at the scene and many other factors.
type of victim(s)
way the scene is left (violent or neat)
The ultimate question from this research and for a profiler at a case is WHY? Once the WHY is figured out the WHAT TYPE OF PERSON can be figured out.
reflection of intent, criminal or otherwise
In other words
What is the U.N.S.U.B getting out of this action?
Primary Motive
: Main reason for committing a crime
Secondary motive:
reason for commiting the crime again or enhancement of a crime.
Such as FAME!
Tertiary motive: This is a deep rooted feeling that causes a person to go after someone or a type of person specifically, or it causes a person to enhance their crime to extreme levels.
Motive and gain:
Motive and gain:
or lack of love
Motive and gain:
respect: Gang violence
Motive or Gain:
15 min of fame
Reactive Motive:

Driven by revenge or retaliation, caused by a slight or actual attack
Scott Peterson: Convicted of killing his wife and unborn child. 2 counts of 1st degree murder and sentenced to 2 death sentences.
James Ruppert: Killed his family
on Easter day because he felt
his mother and other family members
treated him like a baby. Also, felt that if
he pleaded insanity he would get out of
of mental institution and collect all the inheritence.
Motiveless Crimes: Seem to be crimes with now real motive. Usually a sign of mental issues.
Psychosis and Motive:
Manifestations of irrational ideas, perceptions,
emotions, communications, orientations, or behaviors.
Ted Kaczynski- The Unabomber
Profiling is used to figure out if the person who committed a particular crime is,
new or experienced
Old or young
male or female
ethnic specific
non-violent of violent
ecomomically motivated
sexually motivated
Most of us think of violent offenders whenever the idea of criminal profiling (i.e. Criminal minds) is mentioned.
Serial Killers:

individuals that hunt human beings for sexual thrills.

They do it over and over because they believe they can outwit and outmaneuver the authorities.
This drive becomes an addictive urge that they cannot control.
These individuals are extremely manipulative and very intelligent.
These people fit into society without drawing attention to themselves.
Spree Killers:
Individuals that attempt to harm or kill, or kill a number of people at several different locations in a period of hours or days. These individuals are usually high strung, very nervous, unintelligent, or conceded. Often times extremely mad at the time of the crime.
Mass Murder:
Kills a specific group of people whom they perceive as a group that has wronged them. The thought process is that this will be an END GAME scenario. The killers know that they will not come out of this alive.
Usually begins with a suicide pact or Suicide by COP idea.
Individuals are labeled as weird, uncomfortable to be around, or odd.
Usually say or do things that make people feel unsafe around them.
Often times have a list or send out disturbing messages before the act occurs.
Often times depressed or dilussional.
In all of the types of crimes there were clues that could have lead to that individual. The job of a criminal psychologists or a profiler is to figure out those clues. A profiler can use the clues from previous cases to help find a robber, a rapist, a bully or even a killer. This is known as .....
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