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Why do people bully?

No description

Nina Havekost

on 3 October 2017

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Transcript of Why do people bully?

Being an Up-Stander
Why do people bully?
being bullied can make others want to bully too
calling someone a bully is not good it will make them feel like they can't change
Why do people bully?
What is bullying?
What is bullying?
How many people get bullied each year?
How many people get bullied each year?
Why do people bully?
What is bullying?
How to avoid bullying
How to avoid bullying
How to avoid bullying
Don't be the bully stop the bullying!
Don't be the bully stop the bullying!
Don't be the bully stop the bullying!
How being kind can bloom
being mean to others
making others feel bad
hurts bully and victim
repeated over time
physical bullying hurts your body and your heart
verbal hurts your heart
cyberbullying is bullying online
it can be very easy to offend someone even a joke can be offensive
if you're mean to someone over and over they are going to think you're being a bully
you should respect others
its important to respect other people's culture
you should not judge others by where they're from
think before you speak
talk with kindness
say only appropriate words
ignoring others
spreading rumors
standing up for others is not bullying
standing up for yourself is also good
don't talk back to a bully
try your best to ignore the bully
don't make them upset
keep being nice to the bully
don't show your anger
Thanks for watching!
Be an Up-stander!
By Nina

and Morgan

I am a communicator. I talk about my ideas and I express myself in more than one language.
I am open minded I know that others are different and have different ideas and i try my best to listen to them.
I am caring I care for others and be there when their down.
How people get bullied each year?
Lines of inquiry
An inquiry into what bullying is, why people bully , how to avoid bullying and more
Personal reflection
Think good thoughts about yourself and know that the mean things others are saying aren't true
The bullying project.com
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