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Catcher in the rye: Chapter 2

No description

Harrison vogrin

on 12 March 2015

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Transcript of Catcher in the rye: Chapter 2

In chapter two Holden goes over to one of his professors houses to say farewell. When he got there Old Spencer and Holden talk and Old Spencer shares advice on how life should be lived by playing by the rules, why he flunked him and many other things. Old Spencer reads Holden an essay that was written by Caulfield himself, This was so bad that Holden couldn't stand listening to it. Spencer shares knowledge with Holden and wishes him luck on his new journey through life.
Plot Summary
General- In the most general sense this chapter takes place at the Spencers house.
by Harrison Vogrin

Catcher in the rye: Chapter 2
Characters in the chapter
Holden Caulfield
Mr. Spencer
Holden would be considered the most major character in this chapter since it is told in his first person.
Mr. Spencer is a major character also in the sense that for the majority of the chapter he is talking with Holden.
Specific- The majority of this chapter takes place in Old Spencers room, this in which was riddled with various medicines and smelt of Vicks nose drops. Old Spencer was sitting in a large leather chair covered in a old Navajo blanket. Caulfield on the other hand was sitting on Spencers bed, which was quite uncomfortable.
- Holdens seemingly disgusted view of the body of an aged man. This symbolizes his lack of respect for time and that that will be him someday.
- The pills and medicine in Old Spencers room. This symbolizes that Spencer is very sick.
- The Navajo blanket. This symbolizes that Spencer is not just an old grubby professor, that he has traveled.
- The Egyptian essay. This essay symbolizes Holdens lack of effort for his schoolwork.
- Holdens eagerness to leave. This symbolizes that he is afraid of being scolded any more .
Quotes that describe themes
"If you thought about him too much, you wondered what the heck he was still living for" (pg. 6) The theme that I believe this shows is that Holden doesn't believe that he is going to grow up, he acts like a child and doesn't think of life as being precious.
"Life is a game boy, Life is a game that one plays according to the rules" (pg.8) The theme that this represents is that Holden has a problem with obeying rules and this could get him in trouble.
"Do you feel absolutely no concern for your future, boy?" (pg.14) This represents the theme easily, this theme being that Holden doesn't care for his future.
Quotes indicating stream of consciousness
" I know that sounds mean to say, but i don't mean it mean" (pg.6) Salinger implies that the narrator doesn't want to sound mean even though it might.

"Game, my ass. Some game. If you get on the side where all the hot shots are, then its a game" (pg.8) Salinger shows through this style that Holden has a bit of an attitude and is concerned with winning.

"I diddent feel like going into the whole thing with him. He wouldn't have understood it anyways" (pg.13) This shows that the narrator has little confidence in what he would need to explain and that he wanted to get out of the conversation quickly.
Protagonists motivations
As one would know Holden is the protagonist in this chapter and for the rest of the book. In this chapter Holden acts the way he does for many reasons.
One of these reasons is respect for Old Spencer. Another is because of the discomfort of being lectured about his life by someone else. Holden is caused to act the way he does also for the reason that he is embarrassed by poorness of his work, and his anxiousness to leave

This chapter was very intriguing, and really makes me look forward to what happens next!
5 things that the reader should be questioning
1. Where is Holden going to be moving to next?
2. Is Holden going to get his act together?
3. Why doesn't Holden try harder in school?
4. How old is that Navajo blanket?
5. How are Holdens parents going to react to him being kicked out of another school.
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