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Analysis of a Case Study

No description

Nevada Dew-Crawford

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Analysis of a Case Study

Purpose of the Study
The purpose of the study is to investigate difficulties educators encounter while performing action research (Zhou, 2013).
Description of the Problem
The Role of the Writers
The role of the writers is to explain some concerns with time in the classroom. Teachers are often bombarded with so many tasks that little time is left for research. The role of the write is to expose the problem and look for ways that teachers would be able to regain some time for research. Without that valuable time to research, the teacher will be limited on what improvements can be made to the classroom. In the case studies, reading was the area that was not receiving enough attention. Not only is there a lack of research in schools, but the coaches and administrators are not setting the stage for research to be incorporated into the class.
During the analysis of the case studies, several concerns and ideas were found. It is important that teachers have the time and training to incorporate research into the classroom. Misconceptions about research can also be a problem. Coaches, mentors, and administrators need to make the arrangements for teachers to receive the proper training on how find topics to research, understand how to research, and how to apply the results in the classroom. Research needs to be included in professional development and time made for conduction.
Analysis of a Case Study
Learning Team C
Nevada A. Dew-Crawford, Rob Gilmore, and Tonya Michael
October 27,2013
Leslie Jones
Title of Case Study
Problems Teachers Face When Doing Action Research and Finding Possible Solutions
Methodology Used in the Study
Next Steps
Address the following questions and research topics:

What steps can be taken to allow time for research

Should research be part of professional development

How research can be better taught by coaches, mentors, and administration

What important information about the participants have you learned?

The study revealed the many struggles people faced. The challenges included not fully comprehending the research, lack of trusting university researchers, insufficient time or appropriate library resources to conduct research. Personal feelings such as anxiety and frustration were also revealed. It was good to note these issues for potential action researchers. The study demonstrates mistakes made and offers solutions to fixing the problems.
What important information comes from this study
What could this study generalize to other settings, such as an organization or a corporation?
Reluctance .
Made excuses
Lack of volunteers
Forced Participation.
Interruption of research

Nevada Dew-Crawford
Author's Description of the Problem
1. Educators misinterpreted the study and did not trust the researcher.
2. Educators did not have enough time to conduct research.
3. Inadequate reference materials
4. Educators lacked procedural knowledge of investigation methods.
5. Educators felt anxious and irritated during the study
(Zhou, 2013)
Zhou, J. (2012). Problems Teachers Face When Doing Action Research and Finding Possible Solutions. Chinese Education & Society, 45(4), 68-80.
Nevada Dew-Crawford
It is important to communicate intentions up front. People must have a better understanding of what you are proposing to do and why you are interested in doing the research. Case study #1 revealed staff reluctance because they were not fully informed on the purpose of the research. The researcher gained a lot of skeptical feedback from administrators and eventually the research never occurred. It is important to communicate with everyone involved up-front. If the teachers and administrators in Case study #1 were provided with more information ahead of time, the research project had a better chance of occurring.
Case Study #2 revealed that teachers were too comfortable within their settings. Most teachers had been on the campus for a minimum of 20 years. The school did not pay teachers well and the good, higher-educated teachers would teach a year and then leave. The 20+ year teachers held minimal credentials to teach. Teaching old dogs, new tricks posed a problem. The teachers had a bad attitude about doing more than they felt required. They also viewed their school as a quality institution and changes were not needed. The school leader was the initiator of action research. The staff eventually started the project but two months in, they gave up. What the principal had to do was back off and invest time into adjusting attitudes prior to doing more. This also reflects the teachers’ level of education and lack of interest to lifelong learning.
Case Study #3 reviewed a reading project at a school. The focus was to drive-up reading abilities and to get kids interested in reading. School staff members were highly educated. The research demonstrated was methodical and calculated. With time, the program grew. Teachers had data revealed that the reading program was working. Positive results equated into more teachers participating.

Success within organizations and corporations starts at the top. Leaders must take risks to create an environment of success. Conducting action research projects requires effort. The study reveals that it is about how leaders can inspire staff to appreciate the value of the research being proposed.

The methods used in the study was based on surveys and observations. Teachers were surveyed and observed for the use of research and implementation in the classroom. Teachers participate in group collaboration to discuss the need for research. In the group observations, it was discovered that the teacher have little to no training in research.
An action research case study was performed to look at how much research is used in the classroom. Several concerns and questions were created from the research case studies. Research is an important part of professional development. In the case studies, the studies based on research and the time for research bring about the knowledge of the need of research and the importance of understanding how to properly conduct research.
The results from the research has raised several other questions and needs to be addressed. After reviewing the results, it is apparent more research will need to be performed to aid in learning how to implement research into the classroom and learning about the proper uses of research.
Selected solutions for the problem
1. Comprehending Action Research
a. Research is about refining instruction
b. Access resources concerning difficulties educators face within the
confines of the classrooms and school.
2. Time management and expanding reference materials
a. Making time management a goal
b. “Combining class time to block lessons” (Zhou, 2013, p. 76)
c. Exploring ways to gain resources
d. Translating student favorite books to use as educational resources (Zhou, 2013)
3. Education on Research Methods and improving educator courses
a. Seeking help from University Researchers
b. Revamping teacher education programs
4. Providing educators with academic guidance
a. Collaboration “between universities and elementary and secondary schools”
(Zhou, 2013, 78).
b. Seeing the assistance of doctoral candidates in return for data to complete the
dissertations (Zhou, 2013).
5.. Inspiring research among educators and keeping their attention
a. When progress is made as a result of research teachers become
b. Positive support for teacher effort.
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