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Pretty Little Liars- Perfect, book 3

No description

Caitlyn G

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Pretty Little Liars- Perfect, book 3

Pretty Little Liars- Perfect, book 3

Rising Action
Lucky me
. I know these pretty little liars better than they know themselves. But it's hard keeping all of their secrets to myself. They better do as I say . . . or else!

- A
Falling Action
Hannah got another message from A saying
Don't belive everything you hear! -A
When Hannah looked at the text again, A's latest text wasn't from Caller unknown, as it usaually was, but an actual number. And it was a 610 number-
Rosewood's area code... Suddenly she knew who A was.
Hannah was the first to meet at the swings,she waited for Spencer, Aria and Emily a minute later she saw Aria and she was relieved then Aria yelled

"Hannah, Look out!"

Hannah turned her head to the left and her mouth fell open, at first not understanding. The SUV was headed straight for her, then bam it hit her!!
It all takes place in a small town outside of Philadelphia called Rosewood.

Your main characters are Spencer, Hannah, Emily and Aria
In the last book those 4 girls met up again all starting to receive threatening notes from this strange person who calls them self -A . At first they thought A was Toby, so after Toby was found dead they thought A was dead. But A wasn't gone yet....it had only just begone.

Some of the girls start to have flash backs of when they where with Alison, mainly Spencer. When Spencer goes in for therapy she was hypnotized. And remembers the night before Ali went missing.
Aria also has a flash back when she was with Alison before she went missing, but Ali was with her they both witnessed Aria's dad cheating on his wife with another women. Aria remembered Ali always threatening to tell her mom about her dad. Now
threatened Aria to tell if she didn't do as
said, she didn't listen and
The police renew their efforts in the investigation of Alison’s death and begin to question the girls about the night she disappeared again. A video that Aria took while they were all still friends is leaked to the media!!
When Spencer was exhausted but still had to write a paper due tomorrow, she got a text from A saying that her sister had to do the exact same paper when she was younger and was on that computer... Spencer looked and it was there, will she use it?
Aria and Ezra where caught together and he was taken by the police,Aria has no where to go because her mom is still mad at her for keeping her dads secret all those years.
Hannah was humiliated at her ex best friends party, they got into a huge fight before and when Hannah received a package with a dress for her Mona's party she thought they where friends again. That dress was sent by A not Mona, the dress was the same as Mona's, and Hannah's dress was small so it riped in different places.
When Aria setteled in a diner she looked at the message A recently sent her, saying
Ali's killer is closer than you think
. Then she started to think, Aria started looking through her old video clips with the group of girls in it,when she got to the video that was leaked to the media she slowed down the video and for about a second she saw Ali and Ian hold hands then let go this happened again but no one noticed. Ali knew everyones secret,but what was Spencers? Everyone knew Spence liked Ian .... Aria couldn't belive it, is
Spencer Ali's killer?

Aria Callled Emily and Hannah to meet up she had BIG NEWS and so did Hannah, they both knew who Ali's killer might be.
Spencer had a nightmare again and this time she really felt sick to her stomach, in her nightmare it was her an Ali in a fight but she remembered the entire story, they where yelling and Ali pushed her so spencer pushed back , then one more time and Ali hit her head on the wall, she woke up terrified.
Did she kill Ali or was it just her imagination?
Emily was caught with Maya by her mom, and her mom dragged her by her arm to the car, in the car ride home she said the she was sending Emily to Iowa to live with her Aunt Helen. Emily hated it there because she didn't want to move away and that their daughter said that she wanted to become a nun and she had a sin book, where she wrote down everything she thought was a sin, when she saw Emily she wrote down 30 for her already.
Spencer's sister Melissa got a message from a stranger, she read it out loud and it was part of her essay from her high school but her mom said it was part of Spencer's essay.Melissa found out Spencer took her paper and then They both got into a fight and they pushed each other and Mellissa ended up in the hospital.
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