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Juan Salguero

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Versailles

Château de Versailles Paris 3170 Sarah Ramsay Juan Salguero The Evolution of the Château 1624
Hunting Lodge
Louis XIII 1634
From hunting lodge to chateau Sarah Ramsay The Evolution of the Château la Galerie des glaces les Grands apartments 1670 The King's Bedchamber and the Chapel 1701
King's bedchamber moved to the center of the palace 1710
Royal Chapel Changes with King Louis the 15th Smaller apartments for more privacy 1770 Historic Events Sarah Ramsay Sarah Ramsay Sarah Ramsay Sarah Ramsay Sarah Ramsay 1684 Grand Appartement du Roi 7 rooms, one per planet
Public affairs
Louis XIV Venus Salon DIane Salon Mars Salon Mercury Salon Apollo Salon Salon of War King Bedchamber Access to Grand Apartment

Inspired all the decour of Versailles Billiards room (Louis XIV)

"applause room" Planet and god of War.

originally for guards, but turned into a room for music and dance ceremonial bedchamber Throne room

Silver furniture & throne melted down Le Grand Appartement de la Reine 5 Rooms
Social Affairs Salon de la paix Creates balance
Ceremonies Sarah Ramsay la Chambre à coucher La Chambre des nobles Antechamber to the queen's bedchamber Sarah Ramsay Antichambre de grand couvert Public dinners
Table privileges and status Sarah Ramsay Chambre des gardes Allowed access to queen's bedchamber
12 body guards
Marie Antoinette's escape Sarah Ramsay Sarah Ramsay OUTLINE Evolution of the Chateau

King`s Apartment

Queen`s Apartment

Historic events SARAH RAMSAY


JUAN SALGUERO Historic Events Historic Events Historic Events Historic Events LOUIS XIV Juan Salguero Juan Salguero Juan Salguero Juan Salguero Juan Salguero Juan Salguero Juan Salguero Ceiling panels Juan Salguero Sarah Ramsay Juan Salguero Juan Salguero Juan Salguero Juan Salguero
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