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Canadian Art

An overview of examples of artwork from artists of regions all over Canada's geographic span. Immigrant and native artists mostly balanced.

Sharon Lam

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of Canadian Art

Canadian Art David Blackwood Atlantic Style: Changed from representational to abstract
Abstract form: very cubist in influence
Colour: strong colours

Canada West
Flowers and Dominoes
Au soleil bleu (1946) Quebec Artistic belief: The Canadian landscape is worthy of being painted! (Others had previously thought it wasn't.)

Stormy Weather, Georgian Bay, 1921 (Frederick Varley)
The Red Maple (A.Y. Jackson)
The Canoe (Tom Thomson) Ontario Prairies Group of Seven: Carr is another member!
Subjects: nature, landscape, canoes, totem poles

Gitwangak, Queen Charlotte Islands (1912)
War Canoes, Alert Bay (1912)
Among the Firs (1941) Western Born: southern coast of Baffin Island, in an igloo
Background: Inuit
Medium: prints, lithograph (carved stone stamps)

The Enchanted Owl (1960)
The World Around Me
Between Friends (2010) Northern Born: 1941
Media: Etching and aquatint
Focus: The Newfoundland landscape

S.S. Imogene Home from the Icefields (1973)
Fire Down on the Labrador (1980)
March: The Glover's Place on Bragg's Island (2007) Alan Syliboy Inspiration: Indigenous Mi'kmaq tradition of petroglyphs (rock drawings)
Common Themes: family, searching, struggle and strength

Five Caribou Against An Evening Sky (Acrylic on masonite)
Mi’kmaq Woman with Star Dress
Humpback Dreaming (Acrylic on canvas) Alfred Pellan Group of Seven Background: Ojibway
Field of study: wildlife biology
Styles: vibrant colour, lines which create motion

Red Swell Orcas
Water Waltz
Roseate Dusk with Loons Rick Beaver Background: Hungarian immigrant, difficult childhood during the Great Depression, Roman Catholic
Role: Children's book illustrator

Balsam Avenue After Heavy Snowfall
Snowbank Fun
Our World Today
The Passion of Christ (And They Led Him Away...) William Kurelek Characteristics: Fiery and strong, she advocated for contemporary native art as real art rather than studies for anthropology

The Last Survivor
Metro-Techno Meme Dragonfly Dancer
Bear Guardians Joane Cardinal-Schubert Emily Carr Medium: sculpture
Message: Aboriginal heritage and mythology

Spirit of Haida Gwaii, the Jade Canoe (in Vancouver Airport)
The Raven and the First Men
Dogfish Transformation Necklace (1991, 22k gold, 18k gold, lost wax technique, engraved, textured) Bill Reid Kenojuak Ashevak from various regions
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