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dancing by fatimah hamza

No description

fatima aateq

on 16 May 2016

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Transcript of dancing by fatimah hamza

the end of my project
Thank you for listening to my project i hope you like it and learn something form what i was reading to you
by fatimah
my activity is dancer
Dance, like any form of kinetic activity (football, gymnastics, boxing, fencing, kayaking, parkour, etc.) is all about movement. However, what separates dance from these other activities is that the movement is not a means to an end per se, but rather the focus. Moving your limbs to the beat of the music, hitting your mark, moving with musicality, that's what dance is all about. So you might be thinking, but why
In dancing you do movement ,picture making ,storytelling, expression, and emotional. these are the things that you do in dancing
pictures of dancing
In this pic the girl is doing the ballet and doing the moves and standing on one foot and the other leg is up and the head is up also the arms too
In this pic the girl is going to jump and she has her arms up and straight and she is ready to jump to the other side.
multiple intelligence in dancing
In dancing the multiple intelligence are picture smart, body smart, and music smart.
This pic a girl is dancing and this is pic smart the girl is imaging and she is dancing and imaging.
this pic is body smart and the girl is moving and dancing the way she wants to dance.
this girl is listening to music and dancing at the same time
personality type in dancing
Extroverts -moved their bodies around most on the dance floor, often with energetic and exaggerated movements of their head and arms.
Neurotic -individuals danced with sharp, jerky movements of their hands and feet – a style that might be recognised by clubbers and wedding guests as the “shuffle”.
Agreeable personalities -tended to have smoother dancing styles, making use of the dance floor by moving side to side while swinging their hands
the girls in the pic they are dancing in a group of girls and just doing the moves like they have there arms on the side and have there feet up and down like tap dancing
this pic is about there are girls that are dancing in a group and flowing the leader moves and doing it at the same time as the leader.
this pic is about a boy and girl dancing and trying to do moves. they are on t.v and performing in front of the people
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