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Copy of Copy of 30-60-90 DAY SALES PLAN

Sunday morning

Cassie Curtis

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of 30-60-90 DAY SALES PLAN

I know time is of the essence
So I will hit the ground running
With a fast-paced kick-off
The clock is ticking... As a new employee, strategic objective will be: Stimulate interest, generate maximum ROI, reduce time to impact (in territory) and protect the company brand image through the following:
Gather account information, including:Number of patients, potential for growth, future business outlook, decision making factors, key contacts, work schedules, etc.
Key issues (i.e. cost, competition, service issues)

30-60-90 DAY SALES PLAN A PLAN OF ACTION FOR MY SUCCESS Primary Business Objective Prepared by: Cassie Curtis To make Alere the leader in womens healthcare management, and significantly increase utilization in Alere's services in the Houston, TX territory by fully realizing the market potential. 30 DAY PLAN Let's begin Using 80/20 rule complete a thorough initial territory analysis (both by account and geographically)
Identify current and target accounts and categorize as follows:> 30 Day Targets> 60 Day Targets> 90 Day Targets
Territory Management Solidify current account base and begin expansion of business opportunities in target accounts
Increase sales and revenue volume ABOVE company goals
Continuously prospect for new opportunities
Maintain call frequency that meets or exceeds guidelines
Close for commitments with every account, in every meeting
Sales Emphasis IT Professional Services
Cloud IT Services
Data Center Services
Managed Applications
Managed IT Services Strategic
Products Security Professional Services
Governance, Risk & Compliance
Identity Management
Managed Security
ICSA Labs Security
Services Make introductions throughout Territory
Familiarize myself with team mates
Initiate and establish strong new working partnerships with clients
Identify accounts that represent top 20% of growth potential
Identify strategic strategies to best time manage my territory and build business quickly
Home study and online research
Close business, ask for new business
Inside 1st 30... 30 Day Plan 60 DAYS... Attend women's health seminars/ fairs to network and generate new business
Begin regular office working Breakfusts/lunches/forums with staff on Alere products and services
Close new business, as identified in first 30 days plan. Focus attention on accounts with highest growth potential
Actively develop creative and resourceful strategies to obtain meetings with hard to reach contacts
Build upon product knowledge through field and home study and online research 60 DAYS... 90 Days... Strive to become an expert on Alere's Women's Health Solutions
Analyze sales numbers (using 80/20 rule) on an ongoing daily, weekly, & monthly basis to determine geographic areas and specific accounts that need additional attention
Reward clients that are producing and showing increased sales with positive feedback
Identify accounts that have slipped in sales and make additional efforts and inquiries to identify problem areas in product or service that can be improved
Remain familiar with territory, watching for new/upcoming offices/openings. Provide immediate attention to these clients
Close business, ask for new business
Top 10 reasons to hire
Cassie Curtis Connected Health
Healthcare Reform in Practice 1. I will increase market share and make Spectrum a leader in the Houston territory!!!
2. I am a team player who values the success of my company, team, product and clients before all else.
3. I have excellent, proven relationship building skills, technical ability and sales savvy.
4. I am proficient in creating and following a business plan.
5. I have a successful and proven sales background.
6. I am self-motivated and driven to be the best I can be.
7. I am persistent , persuasive and convincing in my sales strategies
8. I work and sell with the philosophy of treating others how I want to be treated. This practice has an earned me a solid reputation with women's healthcare providers in the Houston territory.
9. I am an extremely dedicated, resourceful and ambitious employee.
10. I am a fast learner and a self -starter.

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