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English Report: Narration

No description

Jan Basilio

on 16 September 2012

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Transcript of English Report: Narration

Fairytale Island Narrative a story that describes an event or
a series of closely related actions Narration presenting a sequence of actions
taking place over a period of time flashback flashforwards -chronological Narration Description -static -tells how things are at a point in time -recounts what happened or
what someone did, usually
presenting each action or event
as it occurred in sequence support ideas with anecdotes Purpose of Narration entertain readers with suspenseful
and revealing stories analyze causes and effects explain procedures with
process narratives Axelrod and Cooper (1997): Three methods
that writers rely on to sequence actions for readers Narrative Time Signals then
at that time
Time Markers -shows passage of time -indicates when the action occurs and
whether it is complete or in progress Verb Tense Markers Calendar and Clock Time -signal the passage of time in
narrative, but it is a valuable device
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