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Comma Prezi

No description

Karen Mondary

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Comma Prezi

Comma-opoly! Rule #1:
Commas in a list
Example: Lions, Tigers, and Bears Oh my! Add commas to the following sentences:

My favorite cities to visit are Chicago Memphis and Louisville.
The cookies were decorated with red yellow and blue sprinkles.
In my free time I like to read books drink coffee with friends and watch movies. Rule #2
Separating adjectives before a noun
Example: The boy was a silly, foolish boy. Add commas to the following sentences:
My uncle has always said he wants to marry a smart beautiful woman.
I have no doubt that Jason’s wonderful dependable car will get us to Daytona Beach just fine. Rule #3:
When you are directly speaking to someone else
Example: Tom, where is the bread? Add commas to the following sentences:
Would you like to go to get ice cream Rico?
Leah where is your homework?
Why did you pull me over officer? Rule #4
Addresses and dates
Example: Tuesday, October 7, 2008
456 Old Road, Farmville Va, 23901 Add Commas to the following sentences
April 5 2002
Wednesday April 16 2008
San Jose California
Portland Oregon Rule #5
Example: It does, indeed, look like rain. Add commas to the following sentences
Queen Victoria was, as they say, a formidable woman.
Having demonstrated a lack of ethics, the CEO was, needless to say, dismissed from the company. Rule #6
Compound sentences (And, but, for, nor, or)
Example: The teacher glared at the class ,and they feared for their lives Add commas to the following sentences:
I wanted to eat lunch with Melanie but she had a stomachache.
Mike is playing drums in the band and Todd is playing the guitar.
The potato chips from the picnic were pretty stale so we just threw them away. Rule #7:
Unnecessary information/appositives Example:
John, a smart student, passed the test. Add Commas to the following sentences: •My brother's car a sporty red convertible with bucket seats is the envy of my friends.•The chief surgeon, an expert in organ-transplant procedures, took her nephew on a hospital tour.•My sister-in-law who is originally from Illinois really likes to knit sweaters.•Ken’s apartment a tiny little place over on Pine Street is always a mess. Rule #8:
Introductory phrases Example: After we won the game, we celebrated Add Commas to the following Sentences:•To get a good grade in this class you will have to study.•After the movie we should go out for coffee.•Because I was annoyed with my boyfriend I didn’t return his phone call. Rule #9:
Letters Example: Dear Grandma, Love, Ms Potter Add commas the following sentences:•Dear Santa•Your friend Sally•Good evening•Sincerely Tom Rule #10Quotations--- Before the quote put the punctuation OUTSIDE the marksAfter the quote put it INSIDE!Example: Molly ran up to her mother and said, “I can’t wait for school tomorrow!” Add commas to the following sentences: •"I didn't see an actual alien being "Mr. Johnson said "but I sure wish I had."•Mr. Johnson says of the experience "It's made me reconsider the existence of extraterrestrials." Rule #11:
Transitional words and PhrasesExample: First, I'll go to the beach! Add commas to the following sentences: •First I’ll talk about commas. Next I’ll discuss semi-colons and colons. Finally I’ll review quotation marks and italics.•For example pepperoni pizza is much higher in calories than plain cheese pizza. A comma is a “soft stop”. It’s not a final as a period. It’s used to connect new ideas to old ones, and to tell the reader when to pause a moment in their thinking (or in their speaking, if they’re reading out loud). Time to learn comma rules! Go to jail for comma misuse You may be asking yourself, "Why are commas important anyway?" Let's try a few more! 1.Mammals are animals with warm blood fur and live young.2.These creatures live in the sea on land and in the high trees of forests.3.Did you know Mary that the duck-billed platypus is considered a mammal? 4.The earliest mammals were probably small quick and wary of large reptiles.5.New Zealand an island country has no indigenous mammals.6.Carl Monroe the chairman of the board of directors was once a well-known television personality. 7.My fifteenth birthday which proved to be the happiest day of my life was celebrated May 22 1960. 8.Senator Benning was I felt far too intelligent to make a statement as reckless as that. 9.Exciting as today’s game was however it was nothing to compare with the one that took place last week. 10.“Wait for me I can’t catch up to you” said Jake.11.Dear JaneCan you bring deliciously juicy watermelon to the party tomorrow?Sincerely Conner You have now been comma enlightened!
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