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Journalism: Increasing Student Voice

No description

Chris Hopkins

on 8 August 2013

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Transcript of Journalism: Increasing Student Voice

Increasing Student Voice

The Products
Our Journalism Team
Previous experience with multimedia showed several students in a different light - brought them to the fore in unexpected ways.
What do the students have to say about their learning?
The Process
The learning
Students negotiating their own learning opportunities - exploring ideas and ways to demonstrate their learning and strengths
Identified school need for increased student voice
The students listen and learn from each other in different ways to how they learn from teachers. They could pass on information that THEY feel is relevant to them.
Not top-down but coming from the students.
QTF - Significance
Identifying Students
6-7 students - increasing with the exposure
Students realising their own skills and placing themselves in most suitable roles.
Working to a deadline
Submitting proposals for topics
Submitting proposed questions to interviewees
Professional communication with stakeholders
Quality control - critical analysis and evaluation
Using school resources such as calendar to identify events
Uploading to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter
Link videos to creation of written content -
eg. newsletter (MULITMODAL)
Critical analysis
Self and peer evaluation
Organisation skills
Self regulation
Purpose & Audience
Research Skills
Talking and listening
Problem solving
School Newsletter
YouTube Channel
Rosemary Huttly
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