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Personalized YMHS Path to Graduation

Where am I on my path to graduate?

Leigh McGown

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of Personalized YMHS Path to Graduation

Credit Review (Transcript)
Assessment Review (TCAP, ACT, etc.)
Goal setting:

Create a graduation plan (College in CO)
Make your PLP schedule with your Advisor
Track your progress (SIS Login)
Course work- Grade Create an ePortfolio website
Home Page and Six Pages:

Each trimester add best work to ePortfolio
Present ePortfolio updates each Trimester
ePortfolio Final Presentations:
All School Presentations
Senior Portfolio Night MY PLP (personalize learning plan) PLAN IS COMPLETE

I have completed all my credit, required coursework, PWR ePortfolio, required and my presentations to students and staff

A Personalized Journey Climb to the YMHS High School Diploma Ready to Graduate My PWR (Post-secondary Workforce Ready) ePortfolio Create a personalized learning plan (PLP) with my Advisor & PLP committee DIPLOMA Immediate:
During High School

What am I passionate and curious about?

What do I want to learn? Post-secondary: After High School

What is my goal after high school graduation?

What do I need to do now to get there? QUEST 1: "Thinker"
QUEST 2: "Researcher"
QUEST 3: "Giver"
QUEST 4: "Independent"
QUEST 5: "Creator"
QUEST 6: Program Focus
Rebound-"Advocate" Credit & Courses Credit on Transcript is Complete

All Required Courses Complete:Civics, Service Learning, Health, World Language/Culture ePortfolio PWR ePortfolio is completeAll Required Work Samples Include:Thesis Paper, Autobiography, Resume

PWR ePortfolio approved
by Advisor & PrincipalePortfolio Final Presentations Presentation
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