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President Obama Visits Powell Elementary

No description

Raquel Maya

on 9 March 2014

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Transcript of President Obama Visits Powell Elementary

Tuesday, March 4th
A visit from President Obama, Mayor Gray and Chancellor Henderson
A Big Day for Powell Elementary:

Good Morning Class!
What are you writing there?
Deep in thought over play plans.
Little Wesby is heavier than he looks!
I should implement criss-cross apple sauce seating during Cabinet meetings too!
Helping the President stand up.
DC Mayor meets Pantherville Mayor
Chancellor Henderson, Mayor Gray, Mayor Shirley and Principal Docal.
Can I check your heartbeat, Mr. President?
Making some important political statements in Mr. L and Mrs. Dillard's classroom...no big deal
Mayor Gray visiting Mrs. English and Mrs. Moore's classroom
One of these boys is impressed with Obama
Washington Post
ABC News
U.S. News
Associated Press Photo Blurb

President Barack Obama sits with Marcus Wesby and other preschools student during his visit on Tuesday to Powell Elementary School in the Petworth neighborhood of Washington. Obama visited the school to talk about his 2015 budget proposal, which was released Tuesday. Powell Elementary has seen rapid growth in recent years and serves a predominantly Hispanic student body. Washington Mayor Vincent Gray, who greeted Obama at the school, recently directed $20 million to Powell for a planned modernization and addition.—

- Pablo Martinez Monsivais
Remarks by President Obama, Announcing the FY2015 Budget
"We know -- and this is part of the reason why we’re here today -- that education has to start at the earliest possible ages. So this budget expands access to the kind of high-quality preschool and other early learning programs to give all of our children the same kinds of opportunities that those wonderful children that we just saw are getting right here at Powell."
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