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Odysseus' Journey Home

No description

Ashley Zagroba

on 2 December 2016

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Transcript of Odysseus' Journey Home

Recap of Books 3 & 4
Plot Point 2
Plot Point 3
BOOK 5~ Odysseus' stay on Calypso's island
The Theme of Homecoming
Odysseus' Journey Home
Ashley Zagroba, Grace Adcock, Nikki Rutkowski
Plot Point 1:
"So spoke the powerful Argeiphontess and there he left her while she ,the queenly nymph, hen she had been given a message from Zeus, set out searching after great-hearted Odysseus, and found him sitting on the seashore, and his eyes were never wiped dry of tears and the sweet lifttimei was draining out of him, as he wept for a way home, since the nymph was no longer pleasing to him."
"The daughter of kadmos, sweet-stepping Ino called Leukothea, saw him She had once seen him as a mortal, but noe in the gulfs of the sea she holds degree as a goddess. Se took pity in Odysseus as he drifted and suffered hardship, and likening herself to a winged gannet she came up out og theh water and perched on the rat and spoke a word to him: 'Poor oman, why is Poseidon the shaker of Earth so bitterly cranked against you, to give you such harvest of evils?
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