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Dear Parents

Why I should get a phone

Derek Keun

on 24 March 2011

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Transcript of Dear Parents

Dear Parents... I Have been thinking and i think that i should get a phone soon I was thinking about a Blackberry or an Htc I also Know what your thinking, what?
a blackberry i am not paying for that... So i have taken the liberty of adding in my
$100 so the phone will only cost you about $80 You may be asking geez what phone does he want?
$180 is a lot of money! I was thinking about a blackberry torch I know .. A blackberry for a first phone?? But i have some thing that will ease you... Sarah got her phone at age 13,
i am 14 and i will be getting a
phone when im 14 and a half I just think it would already be a good time to get a phone I chose the blackberry because it has many features Features such as the app world.. The Blackberry messenger.. Which by the way gives me free texting to anyone with a blackberry
(which is a lot) It also has a great web browser, which i will only use when on our wifi, therefore you dont need an expensive plan :) Another thing to take into consideration is that.. I am extremely careful with my belongings No need to worry about expensive repairs Also please take into consideration that... Whatever technology i want to buy comes out of my pocket Also remember that sarah got a $500 dollar phone
for christmas Please put some thought into this.. In the meantime watch this video on the features of a blackberry Enjoy!
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