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No description

Vriska Serket

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Homestuck

John Egbert
Title: Heir of Breath
Screen name: ectoBiologist
Age: 16
AKA: zoosmell pooplord
After Derse and Prospit were destroyed the dreamubbles were created which is where the trolls met their dancestors. Ancestors/decendants
More character log stuff
After Sollux Captor uses his powers to send off the trolls and rose and dave and jade uses hers for her and john a new game was created containing four new human kids. Jane, Roxy, Jake and Dirk. These people are all the parents of the original beta kids as children. Cherubs are green creatures who gained contact with the alpha kids
There is different blood colors for trolls. The prettier the blood the higher on the hemospectrum.
Equius Zahhak
And while on their adventure they meet these creatures called trolls. 12 of them. The trolls played their version of the game and created the humans universe.
Homestuck is a long webcomic (thousands of pages long) about four kids who play a game called SBURB that ends the world. The kids end up being the only survivors and go on a huge adventure and stuff.

In Homestuck there is specific groups which go by. Felt mob, Midnight crew, beta kids, alpha kids, trolls, alpha trolls, ansectors, guardians, cherubs and others. Theres alot of characters to remember but it gets easy after a while of reading because most of them die.
Rose Lalonde
Title: Seer of Light
Screen name: tentacleTherapist
Age: 16
AKA: Flighty Broad
Dave Strider
Title: Knight of Time
Screen name: turntechGodhead
age: 16
AKA: Insufferable Prick
Jade Harley
Title: Witch of Space
Screen name: gardenGnostic
Age: 16
AKA: farmstink
Karkat Vantas
Title: Knight of Blood
screen name: carcinoGenetisist
Age: 8 sweeps (16)
Blood color: Mutant red
Aradia Megido
Title: Maid of Time
Screen name: apocalypseArisen
Age: 8 sweeps (16)
Quirk: replaces o with zer0 s0rt 0f like this. Until she goes god tier.
Blood color: Burgandy
Tavros Nitram
Title: Page of Breath
Screen name: adiosToreador
Age: 8 sweeps (16)
quirk: replaces . with , and uses lower case letters at the beginning of each sentence sORT OF,,,,LIKE THIS.
Blood: Bronze
Sollux Captor
Title: Mage of Doom
Screen name: twinArmageddons
Age: 8 sweeps (16)
quirk: replaces s with 2 and i with ii 2ort of liike thii2
blood: yellow
Nepeta Lejion
Title: Rogue of Heart
Screean name: arsenicCatnip
Age: 8 sweeps (16)
quirk: starts all sentences with :33< and replaces ee with 33 like this. :33< squ33
blood: olive
Kanaya Maryam
Title: Sylph of Space
Screen name: grimAuxiliatrix
Age: 8 sweeps (16)
Quirk: Capatalizes Every First Letter Of Every Word Like This While Using An Extremly Wide Vocab.
Blood: Jade
Terezi Pyrope
Title: Seer of Mind
Screen name: gallowsCalibrator
Age: 8 sweeps (16)
quirk: replaces a- 4 i- 1 e-3 and TYP3S 1N 4LL C4PS L1K3 TH1S
Vriska Serket
Title: Thief of Light
Screen name: arachnidsGrip
Age: 8 sweeps (16)
Quirk: replaces b with 8 like with and puts 8 in a word like l8er
Blood: Cerluean
Title: Heir of Void
screen name: centaursTesticle
Age: 8 sweeps (16)
Quirk: Starts with D--> and replaces x with % and oo with 00
Blood: Indigo
Gamzee Makara
Title: Bard of Rage
Screen name: terminallyCapricous
Age: 8 sweeps (16)
Quirk: ChAnGeS bEtWeEn LeTtErS lIkE tHiS.
Blood: Purple
Eridan Ampora
Title: Prince of Hope
screen name: caligulasAquarium
Age: 8 sweeps (16)
quirk: replaces w wwith ww and v wwith vv like this.
Blood: Violet
Feferi Pexies
Title: Witch of Life
screen name: cuddlefishCuller
age: 8 sweeps (16)
quirk: replaces H with )( and E with -E
Blood: Fushia
Alphas and Cherubs.
Jane Crocker
Title: Maid of Life
Screen name: gutsyGumshoe
Age: 16
Who: Johns grandma (whos actually his mom) as a kid
Roxy Lalonde
Title: Rogue of Void
Screen name: tipsyGnostalgic
Age: 16
Who: Roses mom as a kid
Jake English
Title: Page of Hope
Screen name: golgothasTerror
Age: 16
Who: Jades grandpa (really dad) as a kid
Dirk Strider
Title: Prince of Heart
Screen name:timaeusTestified
Age: 16
Who: Daves bro (dad) as a kid
Title: Lord of Time
Screen name: undyingUmbrage
Age: unknown (12 about)
blood: red
Title: Muse of Space
AKA: Cal, Callie Ohpeee
Age: Unknown (likely 12)
Screen name: uranianUmbra
Quirk: capatalizes u.
blood: lime
Damara Megido
Damara is a perverted Japenese troll who isnt actually Japenese. She has a very thick east beforean accent that to a human sounds like Japenese. She used to be very sweet and innocent before a breakup between her long time Matesprit, Rufioh who cheated on her with Horuss. It wasnt until Meenah had made fun of her feelings in an attempt to toughen her up that she had snapped
Rufioh Nitram
Rufioh is a nice guy whos mainly ok with everything. He was part of the lost weeaboos due to the fact that they found his mutation (wings) acceptable. There he met Damara and they became matesprits. He cheated on her with Horuss causing her to go insane and paralyze him from the neck down. (temporarily)
Mituna Captor
Mituna Captor used to be extremly powerful and was capable of predicting doom. He predicted the doom of all his friends. None of them believed him and thought he was crazy. He went with only his Moirail to go fight what was coming and ended up losing his powers and his mental state.
Meulin Lejion
Meulin was very close to her Matesprit, Kurloz. They one day fell asleep together and Kurloz had a horrible dream which caused him to have a horrible dream that made him make a noise so loud it deafened meulin. Meulin was ok with it and happy to learn sign language. They eventually grew apart though.
Latula Pyrope
Latula is the Matesprit of Mituna. She isnt actually the 'rad' girl everyone thinks her to be. She acts like it to hide a part of her she doesnt like and to hide her insecurites. Shes also incapable of smelling.
Kankri Vantas
Kankri is extremly talkative to a point where his friends resent him. Hes actually explaining how they should be respectful of others triggers but at the same time is triggering them
Kurloz Makara
Kurloz was happily with Meulin until the dream that caused him to deafen her. He felt so guilty he chewed his tongue out and sewed his mouth closed. He still enjoys talking to Meulin but they arent as close as they used to be.
Horuss Zahhak
Horuss is dating rufioh. He has talent within mechanics and has some kind of horse fetish
Meenah pexies
Meenah was supposed to be an empress but 'didnt want to' and went into hiding. She is very close to Aranea .
Porrim Maryam
Porrim is a rainbowdrinker witha motherly attitude as she acts this way to take care of kankri even though he hates it
Cronus Ampora
Cronus is extremly desperate and is even shown flirsting with his decsendant at one point. He thinks he might be human and even tells meenah about it. He used to be a wizard but became...some kind of 50s slick or whatever
Aranea Serket
Aranea is a close friend to Meenah. She likes to tell stories and wishes to be exactly like her alternate universe self 'Mindfang'
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