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Abby De Ryck

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of AMPS

The System and Subsystems of Amps

sub systems
Description of the Subsystems
Side Effects
~ Tube switches
~ Guitar pedals
~ Amplifier
~ Pre-amplifier
To research about how an amp works and the systems and subsystems that allow it to transmit sounds.
An amplifier is an electronic device that increases the power of a signal of a guitar or a instrument.
Tube switches
A tube switch is what the electronic signal from an instrument travels through into the amp. It is a vacuum tube that carries the amplified electronic signal into the amp but that cuts the current off.
Is an amplifier that prepares small or lower signals for further amplification. In this stage the pre-amplifier senses the snr or signal vs noise ratio to determined the correct signal strength.
Guitar pedal
A guitar pedal is what the player of the instrument uses to distort or adjust the tone and dynamics of the sound submitted through the amplifier.
The side effects of an amplifier are
noise pollution
heat pollution
wear and tear on tube switches
danger of shock and burns
mother board over heating danger
The magic of an amp
Amps are wonderful device that help people and artists amplify and spread their music so more people can hear. So we would like to thank you for listening to our presentation on " The System and Subsystems of Amps".
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