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Youth against Identity conflicts

Dissemination of a Youth in Action Training Course (Action 3.1b) orgenized in Turkey.

Anca Dudau

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Youth against Identity conflicts

Youth against Identity Conflicts What is Youth in Action? My experience in Turkey How to find a training in Europe? Youth Exchanges

Youth Innitiatives

EVS - European Volunteering System

Training courses
First day waiting... ... and making friends At the airport Arrival Getting to know each other
Toilet paper game Discussions in random groups about Which was your first love?
Which is your greatest fear?
Which is your greatest passion?
When did you feel discriminated against?

Second day Needs Contributions Expetations Fears Myself in the group Myself in the group our identities Needs City Tour Coffee Breaks Myself in the group Myself in the group Narghilea time Up on the hill Where?

Gaziantep, turkey


16-21st April 2010 Visiting
Gaziantep Youth and Culture
Organisation shopping Mosques Shopping The Castle Fourth day Third day Magic tricks Visiting a temple The Map of Gaziantep Our Religious Identities Imam Best Lunch Best Coffee Break Movie Evening Project Writing Intercultural Evening Image Coffe Breaks

domestic violence

rasial discrimination

language barriers

sexual discrimination
4 situations Theatre Lunch & Having fun is just a fun! Our identities Getting to know
each other www.anpcdefp.ro



Facebook - European Youth Exchanges

Yahoo groups



euromedforyouth@yahoogroups.com Networking &
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