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The Mud Day

No description

Justine Bénévent

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of The Mud Day

Open and close enrollment
FAQ management
is to create a
Mud Day event
in La Rochelle.
It is a
3 days
event where 1
0 000 participants
will do a
race with
22 obstacles
It will be
e within
10 months
Construction Plan
1st step : Choosing a site location

To do so we will be looking at 3 essential categories to successfully choose where the event will take place
How do we choose the area?
1) We will be looking at several proposals to evaluate the advantages of each location

2) We will be choosing considering the natural resources available in the area that would be an advantage
Human Resources
Gantt Chart

Marketing & Communication
Structure Communication Plan
Analysis of results
IT specialists
The Mud Day
Before buying we must evaluate investors funds as well as sponsors investment.

If these funds aren't enough we consider going to banks for a loan that will cover the rest of the expenses
Designing the track
Structure communication plan
Event Experience
350 000 €
Analysis of results
QA Department
IT specialists
Main Costs
Scheduling Construction
22 Obstacles

Each track is unique and must be elaborated before constructions

We will be planning constructions one obstacle at a time, to limit risks on schedule.
Track Loop

We have studied the location to use efficiently the given space acquired. After a Final draft, we can process the construction.
We have mapped a space for parking and bus arrivals on location. This most be convenient for clients to access our event either by their own means, or thanks to common transportation

Tracks will be built one at a time to prevent risks for the event to occur.

We are working with a business to supply and build the infrastructures needed for the tracks. Our team is composed of :

A carpenter business
Electrician company
Industrial company dealing with landscape changes.

TV advertisement
France 3 Poitou-Charentes
Célà TV
NRJ La Rochelle
Local shops
Department stores
Business schools
Partners websites
Local autority of the Poitou-Charentes region
Street Marketing
Bus stop
On the bus
+ 18 years old
Fit people
In good Health
unique run
combining mental and physical capacities
challenge of 13 km with 22 obstacles
Communication Management Plan
Project Stakeholders
Between Project Management team members
Use of the software
"Microsoft Project"
Before the event

A survey is sent to determine a estimation of the number of participants
At the event

5 volunteers ask questions to the participants at the end of the running on their impressions.
Fill up forms for analysis
After the event

A customer satisfaction survey is sent by e-mail
Minimum Expected Margin
40 %
585 000€
350 000€
Monitoring System
We will hold daily meeting before we start to work on any tasks
Project Status
Sub-Project Status
Look at risks and action plan
Planning for the Day/ Week according to changes

1. Participants enter the parking
2. Volunteers lead them through it.
3. Participants get can change and go to the meeting point
4. Participants get their race number and some instructions.
5. Start are given every 20min from 9am til 4pm where 100 people go for every start.
6. After the race, participants are given a medal and a "Mud Beer"

Note: Multiple installations have to be there such as toilet and showers, sponsors tents with hosts who hand you goodies and energizing beverage. .
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