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Martha Bratton:Women Of The Revolutionary War

No description

Nuekwiah Allen

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of Martha Bratton:Women Of The Revolutionary War

Martha Bratton Birth Martha Bratton was born in June, 1749 in Yorktown, South Carolina. 1749-1816 Personal Background Martha Bratton was married to
Colonel William Bratton. She also had four children. Personality Traits Martha Bratton was a brave courageous
woman that stood up for what she
believed in. Martha Bratton....... Martha Bratton is famous for her heroic acts during the Revolutionary War. She nursed wounded soldiers during the war. Significance Obstacles The British kept on asking her to join them in the Revolutionary War.The British found out that Martha Bratton had a stash of gunpowder in her house.Martha heard that they were coming, so she left a trail of gunpowder and lit it up. Quotes 'It was I who did it."
"Let the consequence be what i will."
I glory in having prevented the mischief contemplated by the cruel enemies of my country." Sources used For more information about Martha Bratton, visit www.nwhm.org. Or www.fingrave.com
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