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City Manager's Recommended Budget

No description

Porter Arneill

on 9 January 2017

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Transcript of City Manager's Recommended Budget

This budget is guided by
City Commission Goals:

Public Safety
Mental Health
Non-Motorized Transportation/Transit
Affordable Housing
Economic Development

The recommended budget is:
Structurally balanced
Preserves core city services
Shifts funding to goal areas
Does not include a recommendation for a mill levy increase
Includes a 5-year Capital Improvements Program for planning
Context is Key
Overall Budget
Recommends cutting 9.5 positions
Recommends rate adjustments
Sets city on a more firm financial footing in preparation for 2018 when the tax lid takes effect
Goal: Public Safety
Police resources:
Increases resources & equipment for the Police Department with $435,000 to over hire police officers
Mental Health Squad:
$256,449 in resources added to provide this service in coordination with Bert Nash Mental Health Facility
Fire Medical:
Continued support for Station #1 rehabilitation, training facilities and equipment
Goal: Mental Health
WRAP Program:
$325,000 included to invest in mental health services. WRAP provides mental health services in local schools.
Goal: Infrastructure
$12 million
in residential street maintenance, major street projects, contract milling & other street improvements
$29 million
in utility infrastructure
Goal: Non-Motorized Transportation/Transit
in bicycle, pedestrian and ADA ramp improvements
in sidewalk gap program
for traffic calming projects
The recommended budget provides the necessary match for a
multi-modal transit
center (pending grant approval). Additional
transit amenities
bus replacements
are funded.
Goal: Affordable Housing
included for affordable housing. These funds can be leveraged with additional funding or private funding to address this issue. Future funding is also included in the CIP.

Policies are in development to help encourage affordable housing throughout the community.

$1.45 million
is provided through the CDBG/HOME program.
Goal: Economic Development
The recommended budget provides level funding for economic development activities.

These investments enable the community to
existing businesses,
new businesses,
entrepreneurial activities,
our valuable university assets, and provide
for a quality workforce which is responsive to the needs of employers.

$50,000 additional for the Peaslee Center and $25,000 for the Bioscience & Technology Business Center is recommended.
Assessed Valuation
3.8% increase over 2016
One mill = $928,929
Tax Lid - 2018
The tax lid will place even greater pressure on our organization to fund our core city services.

This legislation caps the city's ability to raise property taxes to the consumer price index, unless there is a voter referendum.
Sales Tax
Impact to Ratepayers
Employee Adjustments
4 Positions with Incumbents
Director of Arts & Culture - City Manager's Office
City Auditor
Assistant Director of Finance - Finance
Small Business Facilitator - Planning & Development Services
5.5 Unfilled Positions to be Eliminated
Communications Specialist (Guest Tax) - City Manager's Office
Unfilled Parks & Recreation Director position - Parks & Recreation
PT Waste Reduction/Recycling Specialist - Solid Waste/Public Works
Administrative Support III - Fire-Medical
Project Engineer - Public Works
Administrative Support II - City Clerk's Office
Employee Adjustments
Positions Added:
Mental Health Squad - Police Department
5 new Utility positions (4 staff for new Wakarusa WWTP, 1 for service level improvements for water quality & testing)
2 new positions in the Stormwater Division of Public Works to perform stormwater culvert inspections
Reallocation of grant-funded positions in Planning & Development Services (0.25 FTE Planner I, 0.25 FTE Community Development Manager)
Senior Building Inspector added with budget neutral impact (fee supported)
Fire-Medical positions related to Eudora/Douglas County proposal for ambulance service (intergovernmental revenue supported/pending Douglas County authorization)
Employee Compensation & Benefits
Employees are our greatest asset.

Benefits and compensation in line with the market is important to recruiting & retaining quality employees.
2% merit pool recommended
Recommended budget provides 2017 funding for MOU employees (IAFF and LPOA)
Recommending longevity payments for employees with over 5 years of service be reduced to $40/year and recommending elimination of the program for employees hired after Jan. 1, 2017
Employee Healthcare increases 12% overall - recommending that city and employees equally share the cost increase through a combination of premium increases, increased deductibles & plan design changes.
Unfunded Requests
We are unable to fund all of the requests.

There are a number of capital improvement projects that were unable to be funded through the CIP.

In some instances, department budget expenditures were reduced or eliminated.
Items Reduced to Balance Budget
Arts Center facilities maintenance request reduced by $45,000
Remove $40,0000 in Reinvent Retirement funding for 2017
Reduce BTBC incentive fund request by $50,000
Social Service Agency Funding
The recommended budget provides
$1.181 million
, generally an equivalent amount to 2016 funding
The Social Service Funding Advisory Board makes recommendations for how to allocate funds
Outside Agency & City Advisory Boards
Funding is also recommended for various outside agencies and city boards
Other Funds
Recommended budget provides $3,763,542 in funding for 2017

Guest Tax:
Recommended funding for eXplore Lawrence (CVB) is $990,000. Guest tax also includes other expenditures to support programs and initiatives which support the travel & tourism industry in Lawrence.

Transit Fund:
Recommending up to $4 million to support a new transit hub through the Transit Sales Tax (pending grant approval). Fund also includes funding 30-minute service on two additional routes.
Other Funds
Recreation Fund:
Provides funding for a variety of programming and recreation facilities

Special Recreation:
Funding provides for recreation and cultural/art programs

Water & Wastewater:
The Master Plan for water & wastewater was adopted in 2013. The multi-year plan outlines projects necessary to provide reliable water systems for our residents. For a typical residential customer usage of 4,000 gallons water and sewer, the 2017 rates represent a $4.40 total monthly cost increase (or 7.4% increase) between adopted 2016 and 2017 rates.
Other Funds
Funding is recommended to provide debt service for the Vermont Street Parking Garage. Further conversations about the parking system and modernization are encouraged.

Capital Improvements Fund:
Annual vehicle replacement program funding is recommended at $500,000. This fund will be depleted at the end of 2017.

Debt Service:
Current and future debt service needs are balanced within the requirements of the city's CIP.
Capital Improvement Program
The 2017 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) process was significantly revamped from prior years. Rather than simply a general obligation debt funding plan, the CIP was expanded to include all capital projects costing at least $75,000 and with a life expectancy of at least 5 years, to be funded from any source or combination of sources.

The projects were reviewed and scored by the city’s management team staff using a priority matrix.

Many projects in the CIP meet City Commission Goals. Over $100 million in projects were left unfunded (over the next 5 years).
My recommended budget for 2017 emphasizes prioritization of City Commission goal areas, while continuing support of core city services and facilities.
The budget cannot fund all requests but it strikes a balance between addressing important needs and priorities with what the community is able to afford.
The new budget format and more comprehensive capital improvements programming enable the City Commission, community, and staff to view the larger picture and context of spending decisions, and budgeting priorities.

To properly fund the traditional core city services, as well as maintain social service funding & direct resources to the other new goal areas of the city, budget cuts in other areas were required.
Growing revenues through the tax base is becoming increasingly important. A growing economy, continued attention to economic development and retail development will enhance the city's tax base and pull factor for regional sales tax.
4.8% increase from 2016
2% increase for 2017 over 2016 projected
A Note About Fund Balances
Fund balances are critical for financial stability and the city's debt rating.

Several funds have experienced declining cash balances over the past few years.

The city's General Fund is projected to end 2017 with a 22% fund balance.
$5 more per month for utility services
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