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Social Recruiting

No description

Matt Mosher

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Social Recruiting

How candidates use social media
Uses of social media
The Role of Social Media in Today's
Recruiting Process

Growth of social media in recruiting

Using social media to attract talent

How candidates use social media

Using social media to research candidates

How to implement social media into your recruiting process
Researching candidates using social media
Growth of social media in recruiting
Branded company pages
Highlight careers, culture, products, and more.
Build your network
Leverage premium tools
Professional and practical
Send InMail, join Groups, use search capabilities
Rely on size of job seeker network
Build comprehensive brand
Share culture & products side-by-side
Rely on current employees to promote
Instant connection
Constant reminders
"Living" resume
Professional network of connections
Company research; direct application
Personal network ("who do I know?")
Research culture
Stay up-to-date
Create individualized "relationship"
Create awareness
Connect to hiring managers
Does profile match resume?
Recommendations on skills & expertise
Overall network size
What candidates are up to socially
How candidate presents themselves outside of work
What candidates are talking about
Do they follow industry leaders, relevant topics, etc.?
Step 1 - Build the plan & adoption schedule
Tackle the "Big Three" first

Review existing content & strategy with marketing team

Outline goals for each network

Most importantly, figure out who is doing what and publicize a schedule
Step 2 - Establish a consistent brand
Consistent boilerplate, logos & images (both individual & company)

Start inside and work your way out

Don't overlook the importance but don't overthink the execution
Step 3 - Grow your networks
Company growth - articles, leadership opportunities, clients, etc.

Individual growth - connect with candidates, groups, local networks, etc.

Get creative!
Step 4 - Monitor progress & stay ahead
Analyze results proactively

Treat messaging like advertisement

"Last Updated" is your north pole
Step 5 - Expand & be creative
Building & implementing a plan
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