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Carbohydrates, Fats, and Proteins Deficiencies and Excesses

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Kevin Martinez

on 22 September 2011

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Transcript of Carbohydrates, Fats, and Proteins Deficiencies and Excesses

Deficiencies and Excess Carbohydrates
The main source of energy.
Body breaks carbohydrates into simple sugars.
Can be found in most animal foods. Carbohydrates deficiency
When a person is in carbohydrates free diet, the body starts to breakdown the proteins.
A lack of the essential nutrients that the body needs. Effects! Low energy intake is linked to an increased of mortality rate.
Low energy intake is linked to low serum albumin.
Reduce muscle mass as protein is broken down for energy.
Increased risk of pressure ulcers.
Low BMI.
Carbohydrates Excesses Caused by eat food high in Carbohydrates.
Your body has a limit to store those Carbs.
Excess of Carbohydrates become fat
Effects! Body fat accumulation leads to obesity.
Can develop diabetes, heart attacks, cancer.
Damage to the intestinal tract, leads to leaky gut syndrome. Fats
Part of an important healthy diet.
Make foods taste good.
Fats are important specially for children. Fats deficiency Caused by not include fats on your diet. Effects! Your joints may be damage because fats lubricates them.
You may have a weak body.
High blood pressure.
Fat Excesses Caused when you eat food high in fats.
Ex. Pizza, Hamburgers. Effects! Increase on your body's weight.
May create obesity, diabetes.
Can crete sugar in the blood.
May ocurr a heart attack. Proteins Important biochemical compounds for our body.
Present on every vital cell.
Can be found on most animal foods and some plant foods.
Protein deficiency Caused by malnutrition.
Hair loss
Muscle wasting
Diarrehea Protein excesses Caused by not having a balance diet.
Eating only proteins.
Ex. Caused by eating meat only.
Effects! Getting mass muscle
Gain weight (obesity)
High pressure
Heart attack
Increase on urea excretion.
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