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Panera Bread

No description

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of Panera Bread

Panera Bread
SWOT Analysis
Targeting and Positioning
Marcom Mix

Magazine Advertisements
Founded in 1993 as Saint Louis Bread Company
Changed the name to Panera Bread in 1997
Provides a premium specialty bakery and cafe experience to all of its patrons
Why "My Gluten-Free Panera"

Gluten is a protein composite found in wheat and related grains. It gives dough elasticity.
Celiac Disease
Autoimmune disorder
Affects 1 in every 133 Americans
18 million are gluten-insensitive
Panera Bread
about those living with Celiac Disease and those living gluten-free
INFORM: Create awareness about new gluten-free line

PERSUADE: Define a fulfilling need for the new product line

REMIND: Encourage action from our target audience
Public Relations
Direct Marketing
Sales Promotions
Press release
Community Relations
Cash donations to Gluten Intolerance Group of North America (GIG)
Day-End Dough-Nation
Add Gluten-Free line to Community Cafes
Weekly social media contests
April: "Why I’m Gluten-Free" Wednesday twitter contest
winner receives a $50 gift card
May: “Favorite Gluten-Free Item” Friday Instagram contest
winner receives a $50 gift card
Free gluten-free pastry samples
BOGO: "Buy one gluten-free item and share one on us"
"1 in 133" giveaway
2015 Gluten-Free Gallop
Littleton, Colorado
May 30
NYC Gluten-Free Meetup
National Celiac Disease Society 5K Walk/Run
June 6
The Twin Cities R.O.C.K. (Raising Our Celiac Kids)
Gluten-Free Fun Camp
July 19-24
Raleigh NC Gluten & Allergen Free Wellness Event
August 15

12 million
18.2 million
7.2 million

4 million
Direct emailing customers with the MyPanera Card
New menu
Sales promotions
What Panera is up to
Point of Purchase
Cashier recommendations
Cashier name tags listing their favorite new item
Gluten-free facts on packaging
Highly Populated cities with high concentration of restaurants during April, May, June 2016
St. Louis, New York City, LA, Miami, Chicago, & Austin
Gluten-Free Magazines:
Delight Gluten Free
Living Without
Top Magazines:
Woman's Day
Family Circle

April 1 - Advertising Begins
May 1 - Campaign Launch
My Gluten-Free Panera
"A New Twist on Your Old Favorites."

Population with Celiac Disease & gluten-intolerance
Gluten-free diet by choice
Current Panera customers

Fast casual
Fresh, high quality, good tasting food
Compete with vegetarian/vegan restaurants
INFORM: Create awareness about new gluten-free line
95% reach of current Panera customers
50% reach of gluten-free people in America

PERSUADE: Define a fulfilling need for the new product line

REMIND: Encourage action from our target audience
Social Media
Vanity Adams
Charles Arledge
Courtney Basel
Melayna Dong
Melinn Phifer
Sabina Szczepaniec

Monitor Facebook, Twitter and Instagram reach
Monitor market share
Post campaign market studies
Email survey to MyPanera Card members
Core and essence of our brand is clear in every message
Positive perception from our messages
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