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Jeff The Killer

Jeff The Killer

marissa mirelez

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Jeff The Killer

Jeff The Killer
Who is Jeff The Killer?
Jeff The Killer is a fictional character from a popular story called "GO TO SLEEP" or just "Jeff The Killer-GO TO SLEEP"
This meme has been around for a couple years. It stared as a story on Creepypasta a website for horror stories.
Jeff The Killer is very well known by his looks, his creepy smile, and his unforgettable eyes. A picture of him has been around it is said to be the "real" Jeff The Killer, but really it's a picture of a girl photoshopped. It's a long story but I'll leave a link for it at the end. There is a story I will tell and it's Jeff's story "GO TO SLEEP"

After breakfast Jeff and Lui walked to the bus stop to go to school. As they waited there they heard a rolling noise, the kid went right over them, his crew came shortly after. Keith the dopey looking sidekick, Troy the chubby kid and lastly there is Randy the kid with the skateboard. They demanded a toll for the bus. Lui was going to do something but, Randy pulled a knife on him Lui sat back down and handed over his wallet. Once again Jeff got that strange feeling now it was truly strong; a burning sensation. Jeff stood up and walked towards the kid. Jeff told him to give him back his brother's wallet or else. Randy didn't feel threatened by Jeff, he pulled out his knife.
"Oh? And what will you do?" just as he finished the sentence, Jeff punched the kid in the nose. As Randy reached for his face, Jeff grabbed his wrist and broke it. Randy let out a scream and Jeff took the knife out of his hand. Troy and Keith rushed towards Jeff but, Jeff was too quick for them. Jeff threw Randy to the ground. Keith lashed out at him, Jeff ducked and stabbed him in the arm. Keith dropped his knife and fell to the ground screaming. Troy tried to rush him but, but Jeff didn't even need the knife. He just punched him straight in the stomach Troy went down, as he fell he puked all over. Lui couldn't do anything but stare in awe at Jeff.
"Jeff how'd you?" is all he could mange. They saw the bus coming they knew they would be blamed so they bolted to school. As they ran they looked back to see the bus driver rushing toward Randy.
Lui thought it was just his brother beating up a few kids but, Jeff knew it was more than that. Something scary as he got that feeling he felt how powerful it was. The urge just to hurt someone but, he liked the feeling.
The next morning two officers showed up to his front door asking about the incident with the kids. Jeff told them what had happened, he also admitted that he was the one who hurt the kids. The officers told him a year in juvy should do it. Lui came down with the knife saying he was the one he even had the cuts and bruises to prove it. The officers took Lui, Jeff tried to tell them it was him who did it but they didn't believe it.


Jeff and his family just moved to a new neighborhood.(Jeff, and his brother Lui and his Mother Margaret and Father Peter)
while they were unloading things out of the car their neighbor Barbara came by to introduce herself and her son Billy, she invited them to her son's birthday party the following week.
Jeff and Lui tried to object but it was final they were going and that was that. Jeff went to his room to put is belongings away as he sat in his room he got this strange feeling that he has never had before he just brushed it off as a random feeling.
The next morning he got that strange feeling again this time it was stronger he got a slight tugging pain from it.

Jeff was so depressed he had no one the only person he had was sitting in a jail cell. Two days went by and no word from the JDC.
Saturday morning: Jeff woke up to she his mom opening the curtains in his room to let in the sunshine.
It was the day of Billy's party, Jeff's mom was so happy finally they had a reason to try to act normal and try to forget what had happened just days ago.
Jeff got up and got ready he picked out a pair of jeans and a random shirt and went down stairs he saw his parents all dressed up a little too nice for a kid's party. His parents told him to go back up stairs and fine something nicer to wear.
Jeff went back upstairs and put on a pair of black jeans the only nice pants he had and for a shirt he had nothing he put on a white hoodie. He went down stairs his parents were shocked that's all he could find but, they had no time to find anything better they had to leave or they would be late.
When they got to the party it was full of adults. Barbara told Jeff he could go out back and play with the kids. Jeff didn't refuse he didn't want to be stuck with a roomful of grown ups.
Once he reached the backyard he saw a bunch of kids running around with cowboy hats and toy guns. A little boy handed Jeff a gun and begged him to play Jeff tried to say no but they boy didn't leave him alone so Jeff took the toy gun and started to play.
Jeff thought it was so ridiculous but after a few minutes he actually started having fun. The first time he was happy since Lui, until he heard a rolling noise they same rolling noise he heard on the first day of school.
Randy and his crew jumped over the fence.
Randy came to get even with Jeff. The boys began to fight. Jeff took it he couldn't fight back kids started screaming and parents came out of the house the boys pulled out their guns and said "anybody who tries to stop them their guts will fly."
Randy punched Jeff in the nose and pushed him around. They bought the fight inside Randy smashed a Vodka bottle on Jeff's head that's when Jeff got that strange feeling again he hasn't gotten that feeling in so long. Finally Jeff gets up and fights back he fights until Randy dies.
Everyone is looking at Jeff now, even Keith and Troy they brake the gaze and pointed their guns at Jeff. Jeff ran for the stairs they started shooting but every shot missed. Jeff ducked into the bathroom and brakes off the towel rack. Troy and Keith come into the bathroom knives ready. Troy swings his knife at Jeff, who backs away and hits Troy with the towel rack right in the face Troy goes down had. Keith is left, he is a lot stronger than Troy. Jeff swings the towel rack Keith ducks. He dropped his knife and grabbed Jeff by the neck and shoved him into a wall. A bottle of bleach fell down from the top shelf. It burnt both of them, and they started scream. Jeff wiped his eyes as the best as he could. He grabbed the towel rack and swung it straight at Keith's head. As he lay there, bleeding to death. he let out an ominous smile.
"What's so funny? asked Jeff.
Keith pulled out a lighter and switched it on. "What's funny, is that you're covered in bleach and alcohol."
Keith threw the lighter Jeff just watched.
Right as the lighter made contact him we has caught on fire. he ran down the hall, and fell down the stairs. Everyone was screaming the last thing Jeff saw was his mother and the other parents trying to extinguish the flame. That's when he passed out.
When Jeff woke up he had a cast wrapped around his face. He couldn't see a thing, but he felt a cast on his shoulder and stitches all over his body. Jeff's mom came later that day to tell him they are going to let Lui go. Jeff was so happy he wanted to jump up but he remembered he couldn't. A couple of weeks went by and it was finally the day Jeff was going to remove his bandages. Everyone was there, His mom and dad even Lui they wanted to see what he would look like.

"Let's hope for the best." said the doctor. He quickly pulls the cloth; letting the rest fall from Jeff's face.
Jeff's mom screamed at the sight of his face. Lui and Jeff's dad stared awe-struck at his face.
"What? What happened to my face?" Jeff got up and rushed to the bathroom. His face. It...It's horrible. His lips were burnt deep shade of red. His face turned pure white, and his hair singed from brown to black . His face had a sort of leathery feel to it now.
Jeff loved his new look he started laughing uncontrollably. What caused this? Well, you may recall that when Jeff was fighting Randy something in his mind, his sanity, snapped. Now he was left as a crazy killing machine.
Jeff's mom was worried about Jeff, the doctors said he is fine it's just the pain killers he is on.

They took Jeff to get his clothes. He wore the same clothes as the birthday party, the same clothes he killed Randy and the other kids in, but the blood stains were out of the hoodie.
Later that night Jeff's mom woke up hearing a crying noise coming from the bathroom. She went to go see what it was. She walked in to see a horrendous sight. Jeff had taken a knife and carved a smile into his cheeks. Almost like the Jokers, but worse.
"Jeff what are you doing? his mother asked.
"I couldn't keep smiling mommy. It hurt after awhile. Now, I can smile forever"
Jeff's mom noticed his eyes ringed in black.
"Jeff, your eyes!" His eyes were seemingly never closing.
"I couldn't see my face. I got tired and my eyes started to close. I burned out the eyelids so I could forever see myself; my new face"
Jeff's mother slowly started to back away. Seeing that her son was going insane.
"What's wrong mommy? Aren't I beautiful?"
"Yes son, Yes you are L-let me go get daddy so he can see your face"
She ran into the room and shook Jeff's dad from his sleep.
"Honey, get the gun we....." She stopped as she saw Jeff in the doorway, holding a knife.
"Mommy you lied."
That is the last thing they heard as Jeff rushes them with the knife, gutting both of them.
Lui woke up, startled by some noise. He didn't hear anything else, so he tried to go back to sleep. As he was on the border of slumber, he got the strangest feeling that someone was watching him. He looked up, before Jeff's hand covered his mouth. He slowly raised the knife ready to plunge it into Lui. Lui thrashed around trying to escape Jeff's grip.

"Shhhhhh," Jeff said. "Just go to sleep."
Jeff The Killer
Jeff and Jane The Killer
Before and After of Jeff


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