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American Mafia over the 1930's-1940's

No description

Brooke Boury

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of American Mafia over the 1930's-1940's

American Mafia in the 1930's-1940's
Prohibition gave the American mafia an opportunity to make a business.
Secret Bars were very popular during this time
Very organized bootlegging operations occurred all over the states
Prohibition was appealed
The mafia went into gambling, and drug trafficking
Official leaders try to stop these illegal organizations.

New York Mayor Fiorello La Guardia orders a police raid on gambling parlors. This raid damages over 1,000 slot machines owned by mob boss Frank Costello.
Owney Madden leaves New York and settles in Hot Springs, where he makes gambling operations and forms political attachments.
"Big Nose" John Avena, leader of the Philadelphia crime family, is gunned down by the rival Lanzetti Brothers. This began a five year war between the two sides.
The American Mafia
Places of Organized Crime-
New York City- Home of the Five families
Crime Family. Operates mainly in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Long Island.

Crime Family. Operates mainly in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island.

Crime Family. Operates mainly in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and New Jersey.

Crime Family. Operates mainly in Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn and New Jersey

Crime Family. Operates mainly in The Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and New Jersey.
Chicago- Home of Chicago Crime Outfit
Alphonse Capone

Johnny Torrio

Connection with Gatsby
Phone calls from different states
Very Wealthy
Properly dressed/fashionable
Nicola Gentile, a high-ranking member of crime families in Kansas City, Missouri, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and New York, is arrested in New Orleans for drug trafficking.
Due to illness, Al Capone was granted an early release from Alcatraz, and committed to a hospital for treatment of paresis.
Mobsters established organized crime wherever they went.
Once feared and respected, Mob leader Al Capone was transferred from Alcatraz Island
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