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Emerging Business Issue

No description

Karen M.

on 13 October 2015

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Transcript of Emerging Business Issue

What are the legal implications of unlocked or jailbroken devices?
Jailbroken iPhones can violate your warranty with Apple and can violate the contract you have with the company you're with.
Tell why people think it is illegal and unethical to use unlocked or jailbroken devices.
Just because jailbreaking your phone is legal doesn't mean it's okay. Jailbreaking you phone comes with consequences. Unlocking your phone is illegal, so that's not okay.
What are the ethical implications of unlocked or jailbroken devices?
When jailbreaking phones, it has now become your responsibility to take care of anything that goes wrong with your phone since Apple will refuse to fix it. Sometimes you can buy unlocked phones from your company service provider.
What are the potential penalties for using unlocked or jailbroken devices?
When using an unlocked phone,it's difficult to install Apple firmware upgrades on an unlocked phone. When using a jailbroken device, your phone becomes more vulnerable to other people. Not only does the battery suffer, the phones becomes unstable as well. Both unlocked and jailbroken devices are voided of their warranty once they've been tweaked with.
What is the availability of software/hardware/services to unlock or jailbreak devices?
The availability of software/hardware/services to unlock or jailbreak devices is easily available. Some have made a business to unlock or jailbreak phones.
Tell why people think there is nothing wrong with using unlocked or jailbroken devices.
It's not because you can add amazing features to your phone that you couldn't have before! Also, jailbreaking is legal, so it's fine to customize your phone however you want!
Emerging Business Issue
Thank you!
By: Karen Miranda

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