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Nazi Propaganda

How does a country fall in line with genocide?

Edie Urness-Pondillo

on 7 April 2010

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Transcript of Nazi Propaganda

Nazi propaganda:
How to get a whole country
on board with genocide Caption: "America for the 'Americans' The extraordinary increase in the population of Negroes and Jews is causing headaches for the more established Americans." This poster makes a direct Christological comparison. Just as a dove descended on Christ when he was baptised by John the Baptist, an eagle hovers against the light of heaven over an idealized Hitler. The text: "Long live Germany." This poster comes from the mid-1930's. The caption: "Hitler is building. Help him. Buy German goods." The caption: "The Jew: The inciter of war, the prolonger of war." This poster was released in late 1943. Our boys and girls must learn to know the Jew. They must learn that the Jew is the most dangerous poison-mushroom in existence. Just as poisonous mushrooms spring up everywhere, so the Jew is found in every country in the world. Just as poisonous mushrooms often lead to the most dreadful calamity, so the Jew is the cause of misery and distress, illness and death. "One can most easily tell a Jew by his nose. The Jewish nose is bent at its point. It looks like the number six." Another book meant for children "Don't Trust a Fox or the Word of a Jew" "Propaganda attempts to force a doctrine on the whole people... Propaganda works on the general public from the standpoint of an idea and makes them ripe for the victory of this idea." Adolf Hitler wrote these words in his book Mein Kampf (1926). Propaganda for Nazi Germany's T-4 Euthanasia Program: "This person suffering from hereditary defects costs the community 60,000 Reichsmark during his lifetime. Fellow German, that is your money, too." 1938 Manchester, GA bus station Nazi propaganda photo depicts friendship between an "Aryan" and a black woman. The caption states: "The result A loss of racial pride." Germany, prewar. As the Civil Rights movement picked up its pace, many White liberals began to feel uncomfortable in the company of African American leadership. However, this cartoonist supported African Americans in their quest to gain equality and ridiculed those who thought the progress of desegregation and civil rights was too quick by comparing the path to progress to a climb through thorns.
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