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Sir Bors de Ganis

No description

Cooper Hurt

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Sir Bors de Ganis

Cooper Hurt Sir Bors de Ganis The Yougn Life After living with Sir LAncelot for a while, Sir Bors traveled with Sir Gawain and Sir Bedivere to King Arthur's court. While there he served as King Arhur's messenger, he relayed messages to and from the King's Roman enemy, Lucius. He later became the King's central figure and personal guard. He became a great warrior while wielding Duke Galeholt's sword. The Magic Ring Sir Bors became very well-known by people arund the kingdom. King Brandegoris of Strangegore's daughter fell in love with him. He was a Knight of the Round Table and he was not allowed to be married, so the King's daughter got her nurse to conjure up a magic ring. The princess used the ring on Sir Bors, and the ring enchanted Sir Bors into making love with the princess. Sir Bors de Ganis was born in a town called Gannes. He was a child of royalty. His parents were the king and queen of his town. His father, King Bors, was killed and Bors de Ganis and his three brothers were taken captive. They were later rescued by Seraide, High Priests of the Lady of the Lake. She later took them to their cousin, Sir Lancelot. Bors's Quest Quest of the Holy Grail Bors along with Percival and Gallahad set off onto the Quest of The Holf Grail. Gallahad was the most important of the three being the cental figure. Behing him was Percival who was the Grail protector. They were the only three of all of the men too return to Britain. Bors then returned back to the Holy Grail where he later was killed in the famous Holy Grail War.
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