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Harneet Brar

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of Disney

The leading, renowned Walt Disney Company, commonly referred to as Disney, dwells in millions of hearts across the globe and is a great part of childhood for many.
Disney, one of the most recognized successful companies in the world, continuously delivers magical experiences to its guests, whether its through a film, or Disney Land itself.
What Products does Disney offer?
comprised of an extensive supply of broadcast, cable, radio, publishing and digital businesses across two division – the Disney/ABC Television Group and ESPN Inc.
What makes Disney so unique and superior to various other companies is that it produces several products along with providing worthy services.
Media Networks
Mission Statement of
It also includes supporting headquarters, communications, digital media, distribution, marketing, research and sales groups.
Basically, Disney uses Media Networks to endorse and present its products. Not only that, but the media networks accommodate in advocating and increasing recognition of Disney itself.
Disney-ABC Television Group- home to all of Disney's worldwide entertainment and news television properties.

Parks and Resorts
Built around storytelling and mesmerizing experiences, Disney Land opened on July 17th, 1955, today one of the world’s leading providers of family travel to create everlasting memories.
The success of Disney Land has been followed by five world-class vacation destinations with 11 theme parks and 44 resorts in North America, Europe and Asia, with a sixth destination currently under construction in Shanghai.
The Disney Cruise Line with its four ships - the Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy, are all included in the WDP&R (Disney Vacation club).
...where the dreams come true
Disney even offers Adventures by Disney; a guided family vacation experience to destinations around the globe
The foundation The Walt Disney Company was built upon.
From the Studio, consumers are presented with quality movies, music and memorable stage plays.
- Disney produces many films that are released under the banners of :
Disney, including Walt DisneyAnimation Studios and Pixar Animation Studios; Disneynature; Marvel Studios; Lucasfilm; and Touchstone Pictures.
- The Disney Music Group consists of:
the Walt Disney Records and Hollywood Records labels, and Disney Music Publishing.
- The Disney Theatrical Group produces and licenses live events including;
Disney on Broadway, Disney On Ice and Disney Live.
Consumer Products
DCP is basically the business segment of the Walt Disney Company. DCP is the world largest licensor as it inspires the imaginations of people around the world through products bringing the magic of Disney into consumers' homes and lives.
The mission of The Walt Disney Company is to be one of the world's leading producers and providers of entertainment and information. They wish to develop the most creative, innovative and profitable entertainment experiences and related products in the world.
DPW, Disney Publishing Worldwide, is the world's largest publisher of children's books, magazines, and digital products and also includes an English language learning business, consisting of over 40 Disney English learning centers across China and a supplemental learning book program.
From toys and apparel, to books and films, it delivers innovative and inviting product experiences across thousands of categories.
Economic Basics
Types of Businesses
Business Ethics & Social Responsibility
International Business
Human Resources
Business Management
Invention & Innovation
Income Management
Saving & Investing
Disney's Global Footprint
Content and experiences that are relevant to many cultures and localities found around the world are created by The Walt Disney Company. With its various businesses and unique brands, along with being the world's leader in high-quality family entertainment, it is evident that this company is tremendous!
Economic Resources-Factors of Production
Home & Decor
Disney Parks Products
How did it all start?
The Multi- Billion Dollar
Disney is today publicly owned by millions of different shareholders. Disney offers a wide variety of products and services. This variety makes it evident how great the profits of this explosive company is.
In fact last year, 2013, the Walt Disney Company revenue totalled to about 45 billion. After all, the selling of the different products and services has led the company to the billions it continuously makes. Moreover, as the years go by, the company's total revenue increases more and more, also increasing profits which is evident as the company continues to grow and prosper.
Continuous Success
Walt Disney Co. for years has been identified as the World's most admired Entertainment Company. This is clearly very reasonable as there is so much Disney offers.
Despite prices of products and services being relatively high, there are still millions of consumers, portraying that its worth it! The memorable and magical experiences influence many into purchasing Disney products/ services leading to the great success.
United States
New Zealand
United Kingdom
In fact, Disney has operations in more than 40 countries across the globe and, more continue to set up this very moment. Some Countries where Disney has an office located are the following;
Out of all present and emerging digital media platforms, Disney Interactive is one of the world’s greatest creators of high-quality interactive entertainment. Blockbuster mobile and console games, online virtual worlds,
and No. 1-ranked web
Disney.com and the
Moms and Family
network of websites
are included products
and content operated by Disney Interactive.
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs-1937
The very first full-length animated movie produced in Technicolor presented by Disney, had a production cost of $1.5 million and earned $416 million in the box office. The great success of this film really helped the company take off as it did.
Frozen- 2013
Recently released Disney film achieves to becomes highest-grossing Disney animated film of all time, earning $712.3 million worldwide at box office collection.
The soundtrack also played a big role in this films success.
Apart from the magical films, the promising experience gained at the Parks and Resorts accommodates greatly to Disney's Success.
One ticket to Disney Land for
one day
, ages 3-9 is $86.00 and for ages 10 & up is $92.00
But who was it that created this significant mouse?
The two intelligent, and determined Brothers, Roy and Walt Disney. Walt Disney, he whom had been once fired due to lack of imagination, irony isn't it? Not only do they have this enormous company named after them, they are the masterminds behind it as well. Roy Disney had dealt more with the business related matters and Walt Disney being the creative one (animator, cartoonist, voice actor, producer etc), with an extensive imagination. After living a poor life, the two brothers built this company and even faced bankruptcy at a point, but their will brought them to unimaginable success. They have enlighten so many young lives and now, one can no longer imagine a world without Disney.
DCP- Disney Consumer Products
It has 3 parts to it;
- Licensing
- Publishing Worldwide
- Disney Store
Disney Licensing
Walt Disney had first licensed an image in 1929, that of Mickey Mouse.
A few years later, Kay Karmen had taken charge of the newly formed, Disney Licensing, which set the standard of character licensing within this great industry.
DCP inspires imaginations of people across the globe, resulting in it being today the worlds largest licensor.
There are five strategic brand priorities the business is aligned around;
- Disney Media
-Classics & Entertainment
- Disney and Pixar Animation Studios
- Disney Princess & Disney Fairies
- Lucasfilm and Marvel

DPW- Disney Publishing
With over 700 million products sold each year, DPW is the world largest publisher of children's books and magazines.
It consists of an extensive worldwide licensing structure.
Disney Book Group in the US and Disney Libri in Italy are included in the vertically integrated publishing imprints of DPW, another important component to it.
DPW publishes both Disney kids magazines and a range of children magazines globally in the US.
DWP's English language learning program: Disney English learning centers in China and a worldwide retail-licensing program have also been presented.
DPW digital products: bestselling eBook titles and original apps.
Headquartered in California, DPW basically publishes a wide variety of products; books, magazines, and digital products in 85 countries in 75 languages.
Disney in North America, Europe, and Japan owns and operates the Disney Store retail chain, debuting in 1987, Glendale, California also originating the themed retail business model.
Many high quality products are carried by the Disney Store.
Disney Store offers various exclusive product lines as well to support and promote Disney's key entertainment initiatives and characters, including Disney·Pixar, Lucasfilm and Marvel.
Today, there is a great number of Disney Store Locations around the world, along with online stores that offer magical shopping experiences only presented by one of the world's largest and most successful entertainment companies, Disney!
North America- 200+ stores
Japan- 40+ stores
Belgium, Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom- 80+ stores
The Disney Store offers a wide variety of products for their consumers. The following are some categories where many products are found:
Disney created very informative yet simple websites for their customers to help ease each individuals online shopping experience. Not only that, but it answers all desired questions and is presented in a very organized manner. This is a screen shot of the home page of one of the online Disney Stores.
All of these are companies owned by Walt Disney. They are worth billions today.
Furthermore, the Walt Disney Company has approximately 175,000 employees and cast members, proving how extraordinary this company is!

Although, the exact numbers of employees or offices open in the world are uncountable since unlike many other companies, Disney has so much to offer like theme parks, cruise lines, shops, movies etc. This impacts numbers greatly as for example theme parks require more offices needing more employees. Seeing previous patterns it is evident that they will only continue rising.
Corporate History
In 1923, Walt Disney had faced bankruptcy of his previous firm Laugh-O-Gram Films. Following this, Walt Disney decided to move to Hollywood and join hands with his brother Roy Disney. With plans to distribute a whole series of Alice Comedies, Margaret J Winkler, a film distributor had soon made Disney his production partner. Eventually, Walt and his brother Roy Disney formed Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio. This lead to many more animated films being released. The studio name later changed to Walt Disney Studio.
From 1926 to 1928, Disney created the famous characters Oswald the Lucky Rabbit followed by Mickey Mouse!
Disney continued producing various characters leading up to them beginning the Silly Symphonies series with Columbia Pictures.
On December 16, the Walt Disney Studios partnership was reorganized as a corporation with the name of Walt Disney Productions, Limited with a merchandising division, Walt Disney Enterprises, and two subsidiaries, Disney Film Recording Company, Limited and Liled Realty and Investment Company for real estate holding.
Walt Disney and his wife held 60% (6,000 shares) and Roy owned 40% of WD Productions.
Advantages of a Corporation
Limited Liability
Perpetual Existence
Since, corporations are considered a separate legal entity, the shareholders have limited liability for the corporation's debts. Moreover, in the case of having to satisfy corporate debts or liabilities, the personal assets of shareholders would not be at risk
For investors, corporations are much more stable places to put their money and likely for it to return as well, since corporations are everlasting. Whether the shareholders, managers etc come and go, the business exists without an end. This is because corporations have legal entity; legal standing in the eyes of law.
Disadvantages of a Corporation
More Expensive to Form and Run
More Legal Formality
There are several government fees that must be paid such as franchise tax. There is also double taxing in corporations. As in, when the company makes a profit they are taxed and again when dividends are paid to shareholders.
Corporations are regulated by federal, state being legal entity. As a result there is increased paperwork and additional record keeping burdens associated.
Is Disney Profitable?
Walt Disney Company, 2013 Annual Report
Total Revenue (in millions)
Evidently, the very diversified Walt Disney Company is profitable. Every year, they make millions and millions in profit.
2013- (in millions)
Total Revenue: $45 041

2013- (in millions)
Total Net Income: $6 636
Net Income (in millions)
2013- Net Income (A company's total earnings, Profit)
approx. 6 636 000 000
Disney Stock Information
Disney Stock Prices over a Year
The graph clearly represents the changes occurring in the price, sometimes rising and sometimes dropping. Overall, observing the data extending over the course of twelve months, the price has increased greatly. In the beginning of the data presented, during the second half of March 2013, the price ranged between 55 to the high 50s. At year later, at present time the price range is around 80 to 83. This clearly identifies the rise in prices over twelve months. Although, between there came some points where one may have suffered loss by buying a stock. For example starting at the beginning of August 2013, prices continuously dropped, up until mid September 2013. This is why looking at the previous stock history is necessary before purchasing a stock. Sometimes, like in the start of the month February 2014, prices began rising by the day. At the present time of mid March, it seems as if prices are decreasing rather than continuing the trend of rising prices. After reaching such a high point it is a possibility that stock prices come down, but that is not always the case!
What makes Disney so much Bigger?
Nickelodeon Animation Studios and DreamWorks Animation are two very popular and recognized companies that deliver similar products to those of Disney, with the same intent to please it's consumers with their engaging products. Nickelodeon Animation Studios has introduced characters like Spongebob Squarepants to the world. DreamWorks Animation is recognized as one of Disney's greatest competitors, as it has delivered amazing work like the Shrek series or How to Train Your Dragon. All three of these companies are huge, and most children can identify with all three.
Well, Disney offers a greater range and variety of products and services through each of its five business segments. It has employees and offices located around the world! Unlike the other companies, Disney gives its consumers an opportunity to enjoy a magical experience or themselves through their several parks and resorts. They offer music, movies, shows, and have stores as well to sell their products such as stuffed animals or clothes. Disney is a huge corporation with millions of shareholders. The number of products and services it offers is much larger than to the other companies. In one way or another, Disney finds its way to please their consumers.
Disney Taking Initiative
Disney has always been determined to give back to communities, believing it is essential. Disney has the will to help spread more happiness, and enrich the lives of children and families in need. They do this by contributing their time, resources and energy to communities around the world. Disney's grants and financial support are focused on three areas, compassion, conservation and creativity.
Disney donates to several charitable
organizations. Disney even funds to;
Children's Hospital
Disney Wishes
Disaster Preparedness and Relief
Military Families
Healthy Kids
Disney believes in protecting the environment and
conserving nature. They fund;
Protecting the Plant
Supporting Grassroots Conservation
Connecting Kids to Nature
Emergency Funding
Disney seeks to improve the lives of children and make them more capable to create the future they imagine by harnessing the power of creativity and imagination.

They promote imagination, storytelling, play and
thought leadership through different methods such
as bringing play to undeserved communities
around the world.
Disney's Green Policy
The Walt Disney Company tries its best to establish and maintain a positive environment for Disney and future generations. The company wishes to minimize its overall impact on the environment and at the same time encourage and activate responsible behavior towards the environment on its part through cast members, employees, guests and the Disney team as a whole.
Disney aims to:
conserve water, energy and ecosystems
to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
to minimize waste
inspire public consciousness in support of environmental sustainability
The company continues to progress in
implementing the policies and
achieving the targets established.
In fact, Disney has an organization called Disney Nature. Through it they bring amazing films to the big screen concerning wildlife and nature. Disney wishes to inspire their viewers and create awareness about how important nature is in our lives, and how protecting it is essential. Disney wants to help be the change so it formed Disney Nature in 2008, that creates breathtaking movies like Oceans or African Cats. Disney wishes to portray the beauty and life in nature, through these films.
Disney Wellness Program
for Employees
The physical, emotional, and financial state of the employees and cast members belonging to Disney is of great importance to the company. Thus, they have the Disney Healthy Pursuits; a collection of benefits and wellness programs offered to employees in order to support them in their pursuits of a healthier and happier life.
A World Without Disney
Try and imagine, the world without the
magic Disney continues to bring to us.
Although, as one grows older, they may
feel that Disney no longer has an impact
on them but millions and millions of
children across the globe find their
happiness and excitement in Disney. They live their childhood with Disney being a great part of it. Be it the clothes, the cartoon characters or movies, Disney enlightens the world up for many children. Disney brings families together and going to Disneyland for millions of people is a dream come true. Disney brings a rare type of joy in people's lives, without it, there would be no magical sparks. It is inspiring and creates the passion and courage in children to achieve their dreams.
Disney Lawsuits- Unethical Behavior
Disney has 5 different areas through which they provide customers products and/or services. Unfortunately one of these tends to have faced, and continue to face charges of unsafe/unethical issues; Disney Parks and Resorts. Being responsible and taking extra caution when it comes to the safety of guests is essential for companies, especially if they have 5 amusement parks. Disney has been involved in several lawsuits varying from bad service, to injuries, to kidnapping and even death. In fact, it has been stated that today the most kidnappings occur in Walt Disney World, but as usual the company denies it. One case that occurred was when a young girl fell off a boat from the ride "Its a Small World" and faced several injuries like a broken arm, broken hip and collapsed lung. Though they never filed lawsuit. From 2005-2006 19 injuries and 4 deaths occurred. Those filing lawsuits usually won as the mistake would be on behalf of Disney. But the Company always tries its hardest to cover it.
Disney has several Parks and Resorts around the world. Some in USA, Tokyo, Hong Kong etc.
Though the prices of the products and services differ.
For example, the ticket price to enter the park in the various locations is different;
Disneyland Resort: Adult Ticket $92.00 USD
Walt Disney World Resort: $99.00 USD
Tokyo Disney Resort: Adult Ticket ¥6,200 ($60.30, USD)
Disneyland Paris: Adult Ticket $129.00, USD
Hong Kong Disneyland: Adult Ticket $450.00 ($72.47, USD)
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