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Alien Friends

No description

Elora Davis

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Alien Friends


Issue of drunk driving:
New opinion/value constructed (Nayar, vii) by "cool"ness of Star Wars industry
Love for Star Wars movie becomes packaged with "not drunk driving"--used to stop problem
Cultural Artifact Deconstruction
By: Elora Davis Consumerism PSA uses consumerist reality of Star Wars industry/phenomenom to transfer the love for/"cool"ness of Star Wars to a justification for norm ethics--societal control.
"In the American culture...value is increasingly created at the level of corporate brand identities and the suasory production of consumer desire to affiliate with these brands" (Harold, xxiii).
What parts of audience are excluded by PSA for sake of consumerism and selling their message? Rhetrickery PSA uses catchy phrasing to express both pathos (in caring for a friend's safety) and ethos (the obligation one holds as a friend).
Problem with rhetrickery: "Everyone on all sides of almost every controversy simply blasts out conclusions, with no attention to the steps that support those conclusions" (Booth, 147).
We listen to PSAs because of supposed credibility, however, there are no statistics in this PSA or websites to find out more, despite its obvious issue. There is comedy, consumerism, and general pathos. Music: Recognizable bar scene from Star Wars reenacted
Hence recognizable music (only to those experienced)
May induce nostalgia that constructs more packaged positive feeling around stopping drunk driving. Setting/Place: Recognizable bar from movie, including the ending starship scene (again, only to the fraction of the audience who has seen the movie) Context/ Environment: Science fiction phenomenom
Successful movie implemented, specifically an iconic scene Cultural Meaning: Popular media used in order to express culture of risk, which shows a reliance on society's consumerist values in order to get a life-threatening point across.
Society loves imagination and the escape or fun of movies (maybe a little too much), and there is an industry fueled from it, even societal values, in this case.
Communication is through a consumerist item and the medium of video, and before that, a movie. Cars infer a main source of transportation.
PSA risks excluding part of audience to obtain "cool"ness factor. References: http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=MsSIpDK16c4
Booth, W.C., The Rhetoric of Rhetoric, 2004.
Harold, C., OurSpace, 2007.
Nayar, P.K., Packaging Life, 2009.
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