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No description

Roksana Pietrasienska

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of GoGlobal

GoVolunteer and GoTeach Information Session GoGlobal with WHO ARE WE? WHAT DO YOU NEED TO DO TO GOGLOBAL? World's largest student-run
organization * 6-10 weeks
* 95% of accommodation provided (homestay or volunteer house)
* Preparation + reintegration conference
* 5 Distinct Projects WHAT WE ARE OFFERING BEFORE YOUR AIESEC INTERNSHIP GO TEACH - CHINA, RUSSIA, SPAIN Register your interest on aiesec.co.uk/students/go-global: Present in 117 countries:
* 60000 members
* 16000 exchanges per year Aim to increase cultural awareness
and understanding EPIC preparation conference
Support with visas
"Sign Up" button You'll receive an email with a link saying "apply here" Fill in the application form and send it by Saturday, 16th of March by 11:59 PM Then, you will be invited for an assessment center
ASSESSMENT CENTERS Get local knowledge and advice from AIESECers
More personal service
- airport pick-up,
- accommodation arranged
- social activities)
Travel and trips out
Network with like-minded people from across the globe WHILE ON YOUR INTERNSHIP SKILLS YOU'LL GAIN - Employability skills
- Language skills AFTER YOUR INTERNSHIP Homecoming reintegration conference EXTRA BENEFITS WITH AIESEC - 20% off travel insurance
-10% off STA extras, such as tours, day trips and activites ANY QUESTIONS? IMPORTANT INFORMATION:
* sign up on aiesec.co.uk
* deadline for application submission: 16/03 at 11:59 PM
* like our AIESEC Edinburgh Facebook page :)
* any questions? email: zosia.lutkiewicz@aiesec.net GOVOLUNTEER: ENTREPRENEURSHIP GOVOLUNTEER: ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES Projects can be found in: Africa, Southeast Asia and South America Providing workshops and activities for students in language, culture and leadership Projects available all over the world Support charitable sustainability and growth Projects available in Brazil, Colombia and Egypt, as well as limited placements in Southeast Asia Projects can be found in Southeast Asia and Egypt Teaching in private language centres throughout China, Russia, Spain (Zaragoza and Malaga)
Paid professional short-term placements All candidates must be native English speakers 19-21/03 from 6 PM - Interview

- Short group activity PAYMENT - £350
- after payment you receive access to our database Assessment:
* Interview
* Platform video
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