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jessica Giesbrecht

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of nursing

What is Nursing? Working conditions Nurses work in places like nursing homes, hospitals and walk in clinics. Nursing Nurses take care of people who are sick or injured. They maintain records of patients. Monitor the results of medical treatments a patient has had. Keep patient and family members informed. Make sure patients are satisfied. Asses patients' physical, mental, and emotional health status. Have around 35-40 hour work weeks. Have very irregular schedules that include weekend and night shifts. Get around 15-30 vacation days a year. Skills needed for nursing Salary/Earnings High school Prerequisite Courses Post Secondary Education Post secondary schools offering the program Related Jobs Interesting Facts Nurses make around 40-85 thousand dollars a year. By working overtime and being "on call" They can make around 90 thousand dollars a year. Nurses generally receive benefits such as paid vacations, medical, and dental coverage. Nurses who do part time or casual work earnings depends on how many hours they work. Grade 9: English
Social Studies
Creative Arts
Health & Physical Education Grade 10: English
Social Studies
Personal & Career Development
Health & Physical Education Grade 11: English
Probability & Statistics
Social Studies
Health & Physical Education Grade 12: English
Algebra & Geometry
Social Studies
Health & Physical Education You should have all academic courses In most provinces you need a bachelors degree in nursing or a bachelors science in nursing degree. Most programs take 3-4 years to complete. You can take specific qualification courses for nursing depending on what field you would like to be in. ex: Cardiac, critical care, and pediatric. Lakehead University-Nursing U.O.I.T.-Nursing Trent University-Nursing Queen's University-Nursing Durham Collage-Nursing McMaster University-Nursing Dental hygienist Doctor Paramedic Midwife Massage Therapist Radiologist Nurse Practitioner Physiotherapist Medical Secretary Respiratory Therapist Good communication skills Record keeping skills Decision making skills Leadership skills Handling people tactfully There are a lot of great job opportunities. There are many different fields for nursing, like pediatric and critical care. There is always new equipment and new technology that nurses get to learn how to use. 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 Nurses Salary In Thousands per Year Classroom Feud How much is a nurses salary? 40-85 thousand dollars a year Name something a nurse does. take care of people who are sick or injured. Name a skill needed to be a nurse. Communication skills Name a place that nurses work. Nursing home, hospital, or clinic How many hours a week do nurses typically work? 35-40 hours a week Should you take academic or applied courses when trying to become a nurse? Academic How long does it take to complete a nursing program in post secondary school? 3-4 years Name two collages or university's that offer nursing programs. Lakehead and U.O.I.T Name one job related to nursing. Dental hygienist Name one kind of specialty that a nurse can have. Pediatric Fill in the blank:
Nurses maintain______ of patients. Records Name a benefit that nurses generally receive. Paid vacations True or false: There are a lot of job opportunities available to nurses today. True
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