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The Horse

No description

Shannon Jarrett

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of The Horse

The Horse
By: Ashleigh Kennedy
The Features

A horse is a mammal (warm blooded). They have a beautiful mane that's glossy in the sun. If it is taken care of correctly, the tail is the same way. Horses have 4 hooves they use to fight predator's.On the inside of the hoof near the middle their is a sensitive part called a frog, and lines near the top called

white lines.

Horses are herbivores (plant eaters). They eat grass, hay, concentrate mixes, salt, minerals, shrubs, weeds, peas, beans, lentils, alfalfa, carob, and peanuts. Horses like to eat some fruits like apples. They also eat root vegetables and treats. Most wild horses depend on their herds to find food, but pet horses depend on humans.
What A Horse Eats And How A Horse Gets Its Food.
A pet horse generally lives in a sheltered stable with separated stalls and a fenced in grassy pasture, meadow, or field with plenty of food and water. A wild horse generally lives where it wants to but usually stays in grassy plains where plenty of water is nearby.
Where A Horse Lives
A horses predators are mountain lions, wolves, coyotes, bears, and even humans! Horses can protect themselves with their sharp hooves. They kick and strike their enemies. A horses teeth are also used in battle. They are prey animals and survive through remaining alert to their surroundings and running away if they notice danger. To help them get away they have to be very fast.
How A Wild Horse Survives And Its Predators
Horses need to go into a field every day to graze on grass and walk, trot (jog), canter (run), and gallop (sprint) around to get exercise. You need to feed your horse nutritious food like grass, hay, and oats. Every once in a while to keep your horses trusting you, you can give them carrots, apples, sugar cubes, and treats. You need to brush your horse to keep its coat shiny, clean, and healthy. You need to pick your horses hooves also.
How You Take Care Of A Pet Horse
Domestic horses almost always live around 25 years.
All horses have around 205 bones in their skeleton.
Horses gallop (sprint) at about 88 kph (27 mph)
Some horses almost died in world war 2.
The first horse was about 2 hands (8 in) tall at the withers (shoulder blades met).
Zebras are in the horse family.
The stripes down a horses face are identified in 5 ways :snip, blaze, stripe, star, and bald.
Marks on a horses leg are identified in 5 ways: cornet, half pastern, sock, stocking, and half cannon.
When horses are sleeping they lock their joints so when predators come all they have to do is run.
Interesting Facts
Wild Horses:Galloping Through Time by Kelly Milner Halls
My Horses by Heather Miller
Horses On The Farm by Mari C. Schuh
For Dummies
Parts Of A Horse
Science Kids
Ashley Lewies
(horseback riding
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