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This prezi is all about space and space travel

Martin Li

on 11 November 2014

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Transcript of Space

How does space travel work?
-Spaceships can't lift off Earth if not powerful
-300,000+ pound thrust is needed to escape Earth
Spaceship launches
SRB (Solid Rocket Boosters) separates
Fuel tank separates
It orbits
Approaching Earth
-Rockets power shuttles up
-Black nose of shuttles prevent shuttle from burning
Public Space Travel
-Virgin Galactic Space Travel Agency
-made two spacecrafts that can send people in to space
-Spaceship II and WhiteKnight II are planes that send people to space
-WhiteKnight One is the slowest plane with afterburners
-If you pay 250,000 USD you may travel to space
-Spaceship Two is the second commercial plane to go Mach 1+
-some lucky winners have won trip to ISS(See ISS)
-space may become public and in production in a year or so...
-first passenger space plane was publicized in 2004
-many people have been to the ISS
-first three people paid over 30 million for the 10 day trip
-other people had to pay from 20million to 40million
-Boeing is planning to make a space plane

-Rocks can/will damage the shuttle
-old satellites might hit shuttles
-high speed dust clouds can damage shuttles
-failing to lift off can cause explosions(look below)
-damage on wings may cause re-entry hard
-moon dust can kill you
if forgotten to brush off(in large quantity)
-radiation in space is bad
-if unmanned space explores venture too far they may encounter black holes
-Launch will make u dizzy as escape Earth
-people may pass out if no training is done
-before space travel can be done they may need experience
underwater training
plane fly's at high altitude, then drops creating " zero-gravity affect"
learn how to control shuttles
-can have either;
basic training
ISS advance training
expedition specific training
-on the ISS the gravity is only 11% less
-3g is how much force there is when a rocket launches
-8-9g is when humans blackout and blood might not reach the brain
-space suits even out pressure and g-force
-g-force can break a neck
90%-99% of the universe is made of dark matter
-they eat by using "spoon-bowls" and dried food
How the journey is
Thanks For Watching / Listening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-space is cold and hot
-temperature ranges from -230C to 480C
-cold when no stars within range
-hot when within stars
-Earth is just right because atmosphere keeps some heat out
-space uses Kelvin scale
- coldest part in space is 0. Kelvin/-273.15 C/-459.67 F
-when escaping Earth heat is produced
-nose on shuttles prevent shuttle from burning up
-average space is 2.725 K/-270.4C/-454.72F
-you can either be hot or cold when you're closed to a star
ISS is a mission of most country to make an International Space Station
Canada has donated an arm and a droid
ISS is made by Boeing
launched in 1989
370kph above ground
cost between $35-100 million and 13 years to build
ISS is done; but not done expanding
has lab where no harm can be done to people!
finished in 2002
196 people visited it from 8 country
really fast! from earth to moon and back in a day
Mission Complete: ISS
asc-csa.gc.ca translate.google.com
nasa.com virgingalactic.com
spaceyangency.com/Germany/Russia science.howstuffworks.com
google search top 5/10/15 ISS facts
cracked.com space facts
mashable.com space facts
Black nose
Thermal protection system
Fun Facts
-a space suit cost about $11,000,000
-we are traveling at about 100million kph
-a mirror was left on the moon to reflect a laser beam
-brightest star is called "Alpha Star"
-Uranus was to be called George after King George III
-Dennis Tito was the first space tourist
-Venus is the slowest turning planet
-fast neutron stars can rotate 500 rps(rotations per minuet)
-solar flares have explosive power equaled to 1million nukes
-first living creature in space was a dog
-people can jump 4m on the moon
-brightest stars at night are really our planets
-Europa is a target to live on besides Earth

Mind-blowing facts
-Space is silent
-the number of stars in space is uncountable
-if two pieces of carbon fiber touch in space they will stick forever
-not all stars are hot. some stars are cold!
-our sun is 1500 times smaller then the star VY Canis Mjoris
-VY Canis Mjoris might BLOW UP in 100,00 years
-there is a planet made of pure diamond
-the largest body of water in the world is not the Pacific
it is as big as 140 trillion times the size of all our water combined
-space has lightning too!
50 million ton of electrical bolts
lighting bolts shot from galaxy 3C303 is 50%longer then the milky way
is the biggest current detected
is two billion light years away
around 113956 hours were needed
over 100k people were needed
internal volume is about a 747
can been seen from earth with the naked eye
long as a football field
most expensive thing to build
8 miles of wiring on
the average a human has eaten on the ISS is 32,558 big macs per 3 people
weighs 1 million pounds
many tourist flights
2.6million line software codes
1.5 million flight codes
What if we blow up the moon?
I.C.B.M launches to moon
moon explode
rocks orbit earth
earth gets ring
Finally earth will not have light at night
Thanks for watching/listening!
SpaceShip2 and WhiteKnight2
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