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World in next 50 years

No description

Garima Gaur

on 31 January 2015

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Transcript of World in next 50 years

In Fifty Years...
What will the world be like in 50 years?...

Life Forms
Advances in technology will allow video games to become even more life like.
There will be games of holograms, that is 3D image formed by light beams of a laser,such as this hypothetical holographic game of chess.
Holographic touch screens will project in the air in front of you. Computers will be transparent, flexible, and paper thin.
Some of these divices already exist.
Virtual Reality 3D Headsets will also be all the rage, much like the headset in Sword Art Online. These devices are goggles fitted with screens that display the video game and your character in the game moves along with your body in real life.
In future Robots will read humans instructions and each house will have a robot that will able to act like a human being and serve you.
There have been many movies regarding this idea such as Bicentennial Man (1999) and Robot & Frank (2012)
Talk to Computers
Video Games:
Computers are the ultimate librarians. Google’s search can make you search everything.
In future computers might be able to understand your own language, you might not have to code a program.

In the future instead of listening to musicians we will listen to computer generated music and go to holographic concerts by holographic bands.
Your favorite singer will be just a 3D image created by a laser.
Everyone loves a relaxing summer vacation, but what about a trip to the moon?
Can you suggest some more ways of how technology will develop?
You must have seen video cameras at various places. Computers can process images collected by small video cameras are providing another tool in the fight against crime. In future these cameras will be so small that no one can notice it. But they can record everything that goes on in an area. During a crime, pictures are recorded. Using a computer, these pictures could be compared with images in an electronic
Imagine a chip, placed in the brain, that could prevent loss of memory or allow someone who has lost a limb to control an artificial arm.
University of Florida researchers are developing devices that can understand signals in the brain and someday make it possible for a tiny computer to fix diseases or even allow a paralyzed person to control his device with his thoughts

Fight Crime
Medical Aid
Is what people do in their free time.
What games, music, or vacations will people love in 50 years?
What could space exploration be like in fifty years ?
Space Cars
Moon Base

A Cargo Spaceship
In fifty years we could do these things:
In fifty years, it cou man to courier and transport material through spaceship.
You could have your space cars that you could drive around an unknown world?
Many people might shift to different planets because of over population.
People Living on Mars
You could travel to the moon.
Thus in future you could talk to computers and give them instructions.
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