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World Drumming

No description

Jenni Harris

on 28 April 2011

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Transcript of World Drumming

Tabla Djembe Ahiko Taiko Trap Set Taiko Japan Originally War Drums
Came from china
Stick is called Bachi Originally called Tabor
Ottoman Empire 1300's, used for war
Changed to todays look in the 1900's Snare & Field Drums Doumbek From the Middle East
Head is made from fish skin, goat skin or plastic
Body is made of nickel, ceramic, or aluminum Tabla Small Drum - Dayan (right hand drum)
Big Drum - Bayan (left hand drum)
Each made of different materials Ashiko 3 different tones
played with hands
cousin of Djembe Bodhran Bow-rawn
Wood body, goatskin head
played with a stick called the cipin Djembe made of wood and goat skin
usually decorated
plays many different tones Trap Set/Drum Kit Always has: bass drum, snare drum, tom-toms, hi-hat cymbal, ride cymbal, and crash cymbal
May have: cowbell, tambourine, extra cymbals of all types, more drums of different pitches, and more!
Played with sticks Drums from Around
the World
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