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Fire Tornados

No description

nick young

on 31 October 2014

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Transcript of Fire Tornados

Fire Devils
By Eddy Marshall, Bob Letiu, Nick Young,. Jack Walsh and JMorts121.
What is a Fire Devil
Fire Devils
The scientific theory for this phenomenon is that the core is actually on fire. Then the winds form around, this creates the fiery effect. A fire tornado consists of a core—the part that is actually on fire—and an invisible pocket of rotating air that feeds fresh oxygen to the core. The core of a typical fire tornado is 1 to 3 feet (0.30 to 0.91 m) wide and 50 to 100 feet (15 to 30 m) tall. Under the right conditions, very large fire tornadoes—several tens of feet wide and more than a thousand feet (300 meters) tall—can form.
What to do if you encounter a fire tornado.....
A fire Devil is a tornado that is caught on fire. It occurs mostly in hot places. Like Australia and Central America.
Step 1. Try to not scream
Step 2. Try to run away (tip) If it is too hot run nude, do anything for your survival.
Step 3. Call the Fire squad
Step 4. Jump into a lake
Step 6. Hopefully you know how to swim, if not.....
Special Thanks to Eddy who did everything, shot bro you the man. Nick Young for uploading a decent video and other people who kinda contributed. Thanks to Bob and J Morts (Fizz Dog) and J Walsh for kinda helping. And 9ELP for being an average audience. Hope you learned something!
Shot Wiki for letting us use yous.
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